Colorful Winter Coats

 colorful coats


Last month I posted about how to find the right winter coat for your body type (read that post here if you’d like), and while browsing which coats I wanted to include I noticed how many pretty color options there were. I tend to stick to neutral-colored coats since they match with everything, but I think it’s time to branch out and embrace some color. You don’t need to wear neon green or anything, but a pretty mustard yellow or canary blue might just make winter seem a little less scary. Here are my picks for colorful winter coats. What colorful coats do you have? 

colorful coats

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  1. I was in Old Navy the other day, and they have loads of pea coats, long and short, in MILLIONS of colors, for between $17-30. Unbelievable value! They were gorgeous too! 🙂 I don’t have any colorful coats yet, just neutral colors, but I’m thinking about going back for a long, pink pea coat!

  2. Great selection! I’m a big fan of the colored winter coat…I’ve been wearing a red one this year, but am lusting after a pink one at J.Crew. I love the yellow, but it never looks right with my fair skin. You’d look gorgeous in that color!

  3. Love these!! I have a similar yellow one that I adore in the fall and early spring while it’s still chilly. I’ve also wanted a kelly green coat for so long, just holding out until I find the perfect one!

  4. I love a good colorful coat, I already have red and pink but I’d love that mustard color one!  Have a happy holiday!!

  5. I love the orange coat! So beautiful! Most of my coats are pretty neutral: beige, black, navy, but I do have one light blue that I break out every once in a while!

  6. I like them all!  I just bought a red coat, but looking at these I’m really loving the green and yellow too!  Has anyone ever told you you look like Olivia Palermo???

  7. I love that bright yellow coat that Olivia Palermo is rocking!! I always want a bright coat but have never pulled the trigger.

  8. i surprisingly love the yellow jacket the one which is weird because i don’t like yellow but it is stunning and i feel like i would look like a bee if i paired it with black

  9. I usually stick with neutral coats too, but 2 years ago I decided to buy a royal blue pea coat and I love it! It’s such a fun color, but yet it still goes with mostly anything. I’d consider it a bright neutral 🙂

  10. I adore that mustard coat!  I bought a black one for my trip to Prague this year.  I didn’t have a proper winter coat, and I figured that’d be the most versatile.  If I ever move somewhere that I have to wear one often, I’ll definitely get a vibrant one.  But it’s not a very justifiable expense here in San Diego…

  11. Unfortunately, all of my winter coats are black or grey. I’m so boring. I do have a purple plaid trench coat that I LOVE. I really think I need to branch out…maybe cobalt or green?

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