The Best & Worst of 2012

Well, 2012 is almost over, and with that comes the endless lists of the best and worst things of the year. I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite (and least favorite) songs, TV shows, fashion trends and more.

best of 2012


You heard me right- I chose “Call Me Maybe” as the best song of the year. Yes, it was overplayed. No, she can’t really sing. But you can’t deny that it’s catchy. And I have a soft spot for the corny lyrics, “Before you came into my life I missed you so bad.” Pop song lyrics at their best.

For TV, I became addicted to the train wreck that was “Breaking Amish”. I don’t care if it was staged or not, it was extremely entertaining. I got into “Workaholics” back when my brother lived at home and watched it and I have to say it’s hilarious. Lastly, “The New Normal” features a great cast with heartfelt and funny moments.

My best fashion purchase was the pair of leopard jeans I found in the girl’s section of Target (outfit post here) and my best beauty purchase was Benefit’s High Beam (review here). This highlighter is the best out there- it makes you glow!

My three favorite albums of 2012 are a mixed bunch. My favorite band reunited and recorded a CD (The Early November’s “In Currents”), Mumford & Sons continued to get the attention they deserve with “Babel”, and my girl crush intensified with the release of Lana Del Rey’s “Born to Die”.


worst of 2012


You couldn’t turn on the radio in 2012 without hearing the annoying techno/electronic pop/whatever you call it song “Titanium” by DJ David Guetta ft. Sia. Not only was the song overplayed, but I can’t understand a word the girl says. In fact, I didn’t know she was saying ‘Titanium” until my boyfriend told me the name of the song. Whoops.

For TV, I cannot stand that “Two and a Half Men” is still on the air. I used to be a huge Ashton Kutcher fan, but now I just think he’s a douche. Who still watches that crap? I gave “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” a shot and had to turn it off mid-episode, that’s how bad it is.  “The Neighbors” followed up one of the new shows I was watching so I tuned in. It was terrible. I loved Jamie Gertz on “Still Standing”, so it makes me sad this is the best role she can get now.

The worst fashion trend has to be Harem pants. You look like MC Hammer. Just stop. And the worst beauty trend by far was those long, pointy, claw-like nails that Rihanna and Lady Gaga wore. How do they type/eat/wipe their ass with those things?

And the hot messes of 2012 were Tanning Mom (looks like she has Nutella on her face), Lindsay Lohan (too many bad things to list on here) and Amanda Bynes (she had such promise as a child actor, what happened?)

What were your best and worst things of 2012? 


  1. I love this post! I too got obsessed with Breaking Amish. I hope they do another season with another set of people. And yeah, I don’t get the harem pants. Happy new year!

  2. bahaha i love the hot messes yes i have to agree on that. and best beauty buy is the benefit highlighter, love product, awesome beauty line!! hope you have a great new years rachel!

  3. love this list! we definitely played “call me maybe” at our wedding lol. i need to check out those shows though! and i haven’t listened to the early november! totally agree with your “worst ofs” – those nails. those pants. ugh. happy new year, doll! xox

  4. Haha I love that you included tanning mom as biggest hot mess, and Breaking Amish because I secretly love it too!  Loved reading your blog this year!  Keep up the great work and happy new year!

  5. Great list!  I’m with you- I still dance a little bit every time I hear Call Me Maybe.  I don’t watch any of the TV Shows you named, though.  I must be missing out!

  6. Could not agree more with the best song, who cares if it was overplayed!

    And I may love all things cave girl (including those leopard skinnies) but no one need claw like nails, ew!

    Here’s to a healthy and happy 2013! Hope you have a great night!x

  7. Okay – this is probably my favorite post of the day by far, haha. I love that you said that tanning mom looks like she has “nutella” on her face – amen to that!

    Also, “the neighbors” may be the worst show of all time….and by ‘maybe’ i mean ‘is’ – oops!

    Hope 2013 is the best for you Rachel!


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