My 12 Best Moments of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! In honor of the ending of 2012, I thought I’d round up my 12 best moments. There are a bunch that I didn’t mention on here (since I didn’t have a photo for them) like starting my blog, getting a raise at work, having my work featured in a magazine, etc. I had my fair share of ups and downs, but I’m going to start 2013 on a positive note. So here are my 12 best moments of 2012 (in chronological order because I’m like that).

This photo was taken on New Year’s Eve, but was probably after midnight so technically we can say it was 2012. I got to spend New Years with my boyfriend and a small group of friends from home. Here I am with one of my oldest friends, Amber. I’ve known her since preschool and her and I have the same sense of humor and dislike all the same people. That’s what friendships are about, right?



I made my first trip to Atlantic City in 2012 with my boyfriend, his sister and their cousins.  Let’s just say that the trip lived up to my expectations.


My boyfriend and I spent our first Valentine’s Day together in 2012. My birthday is two days before Valentine’s Day, so we usually try to combine gifts and events together on the weekend that falls closest to the two dates. We had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and I was spoiled with this little blue box. I got this beautiful Tiffany’s silver infinity necklace. My boyfriend is the best!


This year was the first year I got to celebrate St. Patrick’s day legally. When I was 21 I had to stay at college for my internship so I missed the celebrations, and when I was 22 I was  on spring break in Punta Cana. Finally at the age of 23 I got to embrace my Irish heritage with close friends back in my hometown. Let’s just say we started at lunchtime and by 8 pm we were all in bed.


My friends from college and I try to get together a few times a year. We made our own “Alumni Weekend” in April and visited our alma mater. It’s nice to feel like an irresponsible college kid, even just for a short weekend.


In April, I got to watch one of my best friends get married. I was there the day that her and her husband met and I’m so happy for the two of them!


 I got to watch my not so little brother graduate from college in the spring.


My boyfriend James’ cousin got married in Brooklyn, and it was by the far the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever been to. The food was amazing- I raved about it here.


I got to go to my first ever MLB game over the summer. Even though the Mets lost terribly, it was still a fun experience!


James and I celebrated our one-year official anniversary over the summer. We had a fun day at the Saratoga Race Track, a nice dinner, and then a little shopping & food.


We spent Halloween with some friends in NYC and it was a blast. Our costumes were a hit and I had such a fun time making them!


My high school friends and I were reunited once again on Thanksgiving Eve. It’s great to see these girls since we’re all so busy and don’t live close to one another.


So, what were some of your best moments of 2012?


  1. Looks like 2012 was a wonderful year for you Rachel! My favorite life event of this year was taking the plunge and moving in with my boyfriend – so far, so good!

    Have a fabulous start to 2013!

  2. Love the re-cap – your halloween costumes are my absolute favorite. How did I miss those? 
    I have really enjoyed following you over the past year – your posts are so inspiring. 

  3. I loved this post! It was great to see some more insight into your personal life. Sounds like you had a great 2012 – Cheers to 2013! xo

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