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winter hats

Let me just put this out there- I’m not a huge hat person. While I enjoy looking at them in stores and watching others wear them, I rarely purchase them for myself since I can’t picture myself wearing them. Sure, in the winter I’m forced to wear a beanie sometimes to keep my head and ears warm, but that’s about it. During a few fall shopping trips, I tried on hats for fun and to my shock, my boyfriend told me how great I looked in them. No, I wasn’t shocked he complimented me, but I was shocked that someone thought hats looked good on my little head. I’m a small person in general, and with that comes a small head- so most hats are too large and overwhelm my face.

So a few weeks ago when I won the Hat Attack giveaway on Britt and Whit’s blog, I was excited. Now I could try on different styles of hats, free of charge, and see how they looked on me. I decided to take a risk and start to become- dare I say- a hat person! Through the giveaway, I received three different styles of hats- one cloche hat, one fedora and one beret. I’m hoping to incorporate these hats into a few upcoming outfit posts as well, but for now here are some photos featuring the hats.

fedoraFedora, $160



Cloche hat, $90


green beret

Beanie, $48

Are you a hat person? What are your favorite types of hats for winter?


  1. These hats look so cute on you! I personally love wearing hats but rarely think to buy them. I tend to stick to a beanie or beret in the winter and a straw fedora or wide brim in the summer!

  2. I’ve always said I’m not a hat person – I think just because I feel like I don’t look good in them.Β  But you look adorable! & have inspired me to maybe give a hat another try πŸ™‚ What a great giveaway to win!! Happy 2013!

  3. You look SO adorable in all of these! I’m definitely a hat person. My fedora is my go-to in the summer, but I’ve been giving it some love this winter.


  4. Such a great giveaway! Β The hats all look cute, you should wear them more! Β I especially love the beret!

  5. First of all, you have such beautiful hair! I’ve never really worn hats because I’m always afraid I look like clown with my big puffy hair. But it’s getting so cold, I’m really starting to reconsider.Β 

  6. I’m a total hat person, and I cannot believe you aren’t! You look SO fab in all of these hats! I think the cloche is my fav style and color on you.

  7. What a great giveaway win!! I love the cloche the most, you wear it well! But they all look adorable on you. Yay for becoming a hat person! PS your hair looks gorgeous.


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