Best Fall and Winter Hat Styles

fall and winter hats

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As the seasons start to change, so does our choice in clothing. Thick sweaters, pants and jackets become our must-haves for any occasion. If you’re venturing outdoors frequently in fall and winter, you’ll need to invest in a warm and stylish hat. While it can be hard to find something that combines both of those adjectives, there are some trendy styles out there now to choose from.

Faux Fur Hats

The first fall and winter hat trend is faux fur hats. For the sake of your wallet and PETA, you probably will want to look for faux fur options. Don’t worry- the faux fur versions look just like the real thing and no one will be able to notice. Fur hats may seem predictable for colder weather, but they have been in style for many years for a reason. They exude elegance, luxury and a great taste for fashion. Choose a more streamlined style if you are older and go for wild options if you are younger.

Cloche Hats

Cloche hats are another popular style for fall and winter. This is a bell-shaped hat that is fitted to your head for a flattering look. They were very popular in the 1920’s with the flappers and continue to be in style today. They look great with almost any outfit- whether it’s a casual jacket and jeans or a fancy dress and overcoat. Fun accents like bows and appliques will make you stand out from the crowd.

Animal Hats

Another hat trend this season is animal hats. Unlike the fur hats mentioned above, these hats are not made of animals, they only resemble them. They are usually knitted or crafted from a fleece fabric and feature your favorite animal on them. While these are obviously popular with kids, they have carried over into teens and adults, too. They add some fun to any outdoor activity and make the cold a little more bearable.


Fedoras have been popular with both sexes for many years, and continue to dominate department stores today. The trend is a modern take on a classic, meaning you can’t go wrong when wearing a fedora. Their widespread availability and variety of colors make them a hot-ticket item for fall and winter. Fedoras instantly add style to any outfit and convey a sense of confidence that celebrities and models only have. Choose a fedora that is made of a thicker and warmer material, since they are also very popular in the spring and summer months.


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