Loving Leopard

leopard dress

H&M leopard dress  /  Sheer black tights  /  Cap toe pumps  /  Revlon lipstick in “Ravish Me Red”

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to be very intimidated by leopard print. I thought that I was too young-looking to pull it off. Then I started slowly buying a few leopard pieces and ended up really liking how they looked on me. In addition to a cardigan, scarf, and a few other items, I picked up this long-sleeve dress from H&M back in the fall. I was drawn to this piece because of the sleeves and hem length- it was revealing enough that I don’t look like a Grandma, but it covers enough up so I can wear it during the winter. It truly fits to my body shape and almost gives the illusion of curves to my curveless frame (almost!) It’s no secret I love H&M, but the fit of this dress just makes me love them even more. Any store that has pieces that are tailored to petite women gets my vote! I paired the bold dress with simple, straight hair, a pop of red on the lip and some basic black heels. I wanted the print to take center stage, so I left the rest fairly simple. Ignore my squinting- I have terribly sensitive eyes!

cheetah dress

h&m leopard

girl in leopard dress



  1. SEXY LADY!!! You look amazing in this dress, I have no idea how you could ever think you would look like a grandma!!!!! Love it! I bet it would be fun to wear this a little more casually too, like with a blazer and some riding boots? Rock that leopard print girl!

  2. Hey there SEXY! 🙂 😉 OW OW! You look amazing in leopard print! Love this dress and super sad it is sold out! I’ve kind of been looking for a full leopard dress (not number one on my list but if I find an amazing one I’ll want it) and this one is so amazing!

    Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Ah! Hi hottie! I love the dress!  You look gorgeous and the dress is so cute! I’m actually really disappointed it sold out. I tend to steer away from leopard print because I look like Sporty Spice but I love this dress haha! xo

  4. Oh my gosh Rachel, you look so gorgeous!  You definitely shouldn’t be intimidated by leopard.  It can be done the right way at any age and you are showing how it’s done!

  5. Holy hot body! You look AMAZING in this dress!  Love the print and the fit, and I love that you look so good without letting it all hang out.  Love it!

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