The World’s Comfiest Sweater

comfy sweater

Loose chunky sweater  /  Forever 21 jeans  /  American Eagle boots  /  Silver hoop earrings

One of the few parts of winter I like is wearing comfy sweaters. I have a cardigan in probably every color of the rainbow , and they split their time being worn in the office or on weekends. Another type of sweaters I love are over-sized sweaters. This thick-knit, warm sweater has easily become a favorite of mine. I loved it so much, I purchased it in this light tan color as well as a gray. It’s over-sized without being bulky, and doesn’t take over my petite frame (which can be so hard with sweaters!) I paired it with some skinny jeans and boots- if you’re wearing something loose on top, always wear something skinny on bottom! You can easily dress this sweater up or down with the right accessories. I chose to keep mine casual and simple. I’d wear this lounging around the house with leggings, with cute jeans for a movie night, or with a maxi skirt for a day of shopping.

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curly hair photo

Notice my boyfriend in the reflection of the door 😛


  1. Your sweater looks so comfy! I love a good oversized sweater! Completely unrelated, but you hair and makeup look flawless in these photos! Work it, Rachel! 🙂

  2. You’re right! This sweater is perfect for you! It has the oversized feel without overwhelming you in size! So beautiful 🙂 I just realized last night that I need to do a major haul of sweater tossing and buying… I was looking for my best and most comfy to wear tomorrow on casual Friday and realized most of my sweaters are from high school or freshman year of college (YIKES!) My closet needs a major update in that department!

  3. “if you’re wearing something loose on top, always wear something skinny on bottom!”

    I LIVE BY THIS RULE! Hahaha, for real. Love this outfit though! Looks ridiculously comfortable. Except… why did you have to curl your hair? What did that take you, seven whole minutes? I mean, trying hard much?

    …just kidding. Had to bring back fond memories of yesterday’s post and girls that like to pick you apart. CURL YOUR HAIR, RACHEL. JUST CURL IT. <3

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