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I rarely watch MTV (mainly because it’s all about pregnant teenagers, they don’t play a lot of music, and I can’t stay up past 10 pm), but a Monday night of flipping through channels a few months ago led me to this discovery. This new series on MTV, “Catfish: The TV Series” is based upon the documentary of the same name.

“Catfish: The Movie” is a documentary about a 20-something male (Nev) and the romantic relationship he builds with a woman through Facebook. Obviously, the woman turns out to be very different than who he thought. After the success of the documentary, Nev found himself receiving tons of e-mails of people who went through the same situation. Nev’s role on the show is to meet with the e-mailer, do research on their online significant other, and then bring the two together to meet face-to-face.

What immediately captured my attention about this show was how blind people can be when in love. We’ve all been there before- we fall for the guy who we think is nice but he ends up breaking our heart, blah blah. But no, this is different. These people are so in love with this person online that they don’t even think twice that they could be a fake. “Oh, those modeling photos are really theirs”, “Well we don’t Skype because he doesn’t have a webcam”, and “No, I never thought to Google their name before” are all popular lines we here. Seriously people? I Google EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. When someone comments on my blog, when I’m applying for a job or when I get an e-mail from a company, I Google them.

Maybe I’m just a bit of a skeptic, but if I met someone online who I connected with, the first thing I would do is Google them. I would encourage a phone call, a webcam date (to see if they are really who they say they are), etc. Hell- I’d probably even make them hold up a sign that says my name on it just so I know that they are real. No, I’m not crazy. Maybe I’m smarter than the average Joe, or maybe I’m just more cynical about people, but either way- I feel like I could never fall for this Catfish trick.

On the flip side, my mind is also blown by the people on the other end of the spectrum. These “Catfishers” who choose a fake photo, a fake name, and an entirely fake persona just to meet other people. I understand that it can be hard to meet people if you’re shy or that maybe you’re worried that no one would like you because of your weight, but do you think that this person will magically love you after they find out you’ve been manically lying to them? There’s no trust there- the relationship has essentially been a lie- and no relationship (friendship or romantic) can be successful without trust. Also, where the hell do these people find the time to live this entirely different life on Facebook? I barely have time to blog, let alone keep track of another secret life.

Have you checked out this documentary or show yet? If not, you can read more about it here (spoiler alert!) or watch the documentary on DVD and the show on MTV. Prepare to become addicted!


  1. I’ve seen this show a few times and I was blown away – like you said, the first thing I would do is Google someone before becoming involved with them over the internet… and in most cases it seems like it’s so obvious when the person is lying! 

    That being said, I think the show is really addicting 😀 

  2. I’m obsessed with this show! I find it very interesting because my hubby and I met online, so every time I watch the show I think about how if it wasn’t who he said he was, my life would be completely different now.

  3. This show sounds interesting! I Google everything too. If I ever met someone online, I’m 100% certain I’d devote at least an hour combing the internet for info on them! Call me crazy, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  4. It’s so true. People are crazy. Both the people who don’t do their diligence and then ones who lie. It reminds me of that commercial, I think it’s for State Farm, where that girl is like “everything on the internet is true”. And she meets the “French male model” that she’s been dating, and he’s like overweight and wearing a fanny pack, haha. 

  5. I’m obsessed with this show. My best friend introduced me to it and I couldn’t believe that it was real… that people believe that those they are dating “exist” and why they would start a relationship by chatting FB. and those people who continually lie, some up to two years?! What the heck?! It’s crazy, crazy. Crazy people. But it sure is entertaining! I like to compare it to watching a scary movie where I yell at the TV don’t go there alone, don’t go in the woods only on this show I’m yelling “Don’t believe them!” DON’T DO IT!

    1. I know people who have had “online relationships” who are completely normal (well, semi-normal) so it’s just crazy to me that so many people fall for it!

  6. My younger sister got me hooked on this show over the holidays, it’s such an interesting concept, but like you I don’t know if I would be duped into one of these situations. 

  7. I’ve never even heard of it…but we are kind of in the dark ages still & don’t have cable or dish.  I can’t even imagine trying to have a secret life on the side, like you said I barely have time to blog:)

  8. My boyfriend and I recently got into this show!! It’s kind of addicting, but can’t believe some of the things we’ve seen on it!!

  9. I love that show too!  I have never understood why people would make face Facebook profiles.  On top of that, why are people who don’t know each other adding other unknowns on Facebook?  Every one of my friends is someone I know.  I guess I’m just old LOL.  It’s funny because ever since that show I’ve always wanted to Google image my pictures.  It really creeps me out!

  10. Ha ha, too funny, I had never heard of this show before last Friday when the creator was on 20/20.  It actually made me want to check out the documentary and show.  It is absolutely unthinkable what some people do. . . just crazy.

  11. I’ve never seen this show but it sounds interesting. People are so naive, its crazy! 

    PS…find anything good when you googled me?! 😉

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