Gifts for the Engaged

It seems that everyone in my life has wedding fever. The time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is very popular for engagements, so I’m expecting a few more announcements to pop up pretty soon. One of my close friends from high school and my cousin got engaged this fall. I’m super excited to be attending both of these weddings, especially my cousin’s since I was asked to be a bridesmaid! So with all the bridal buzz floating around, I put together some cute gifts for those women who just got engaged. Spoil her with some nice bridal jewelry or help her out with the planning with a bridal book. Here are some of my picks.

gifts for engaged

Kate Spade “Mrs” necklace  |  Kate Spade “Mrs” earrings  |  Kate Spade bridal bangle  |  Philosophy “Here Comes the Bride” set  |  “I Carry Your Heart” jewelry holder  |  Target wine chiller  |  Mr. & Mrs. cocktail glass set  |  Wedding day survival kit  |  The Knot’s “Complete Guide to Weddings” Book  |  “Shopaholic Ties the Knot” book by Sophie Kinsella   |  The Knot’s “Ultimate Wedding Planner” book

What fun gifts have you given a newly engaged friend or family member?


  1. I actually got one of those dishes for the ring for a friend of mine who just got engaged!  They are so cute.  
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I totally got that Knot Planner for my best friend when she got engaged! I love the Mr. and Mrs. glasses, I might look into that for my friend’s upcoming bridal shower. 🙂

  3. Those tumblers are so cute!!  It really does seem like everyone is getting engaged, right?!  Somehow I already have four weddings lined up for next summer.

  4. These are really cute ideas! Love the mrs necklace. I had 5 weddings to go to last year and 2 this year….insanity!

  5. I love those Mr and Mrs glasses, I want them for me. This is a great post! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love this post! I honestly want it all, I’ve especially had my eye on the kate spade jewelry forever! But those shot glasses are precious. What a sweet friend and I bet you’re going to be a great bridesmaid! 

  7. I love the jewelry holder..nice place to store your wedding rings/bands!  And the Philosophy gift set is so sweet- so many brides get just shower gifts and wedding gifts but they need to be pampered and de-stress with all the planning they are doing!

    I bought the Knot wedding book when I was planning my wedding and passed it on to a friend that got engaged, then she passed it on, etc.  We all signed our names (maiden and married name) along with our wedding date on the inside cover so they can see the list of brides that used the book 🙂

  8. And I am so excited for you to be my bridesmaid! It will seriously be here before you know it!

    Funny story: Andrew and I went to Pre Cana two weekends ago, and when it was finally over we were so ready to get out of there, we left without the diploma!! I have been trying to get in contact with the woman since then to have it mailed and still nothing. So it better come soon. I think he would rather elope than sit through one of those again so hopefully our July wedding is still on 🙂

  9. My best friend and I got our other best friend the Kate Spade bangle when she got engaged last month – it’s SO pretty! But my favorite is the Mrs. necklace, I plan on buying it for myself if no one else does when I am someday engaged haha. Love these ideas! xo

  10. I love how we both posted on a similar topic today :).   That Mr. and Mrs. cocktail glass set is the cutest!  I love your collection of gifts!

  11. My sister and my best friend are both engaged, this this list is super helpful! All very cute items! Also, a monogram with their new initials is a cute idea.

  12. SAME! I feel like everyone is getting engaged these days! Always a struggle to figure out what to get as a gift at first. Love your picks.

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