Purple Tweed

tweed jacket

Tweed jacket c/o Eshakti (sold out, similar here) /  White cami  /  F21 jeans  / Bow flats /  Pearl earrings  /  Pearl necklace

As someone who is petite, it can be really hard finding clothing that fits. I know what you’re thinking- “You’re so tiny, how can it possibly be hard to find clothes that fit?”, but trust me- it is. Pants are always a little too big in the thighs, jackets always have sleeves that I have to cuff 3 times, and skirts are always way too long on me. Thankfully there are some select stores and retail chains that carry clothes tailored to fit my petite frame.

I recently was introduced to eShakti, a website with women’s designer dresses, tops, skirts and more. Any of their clothing items can be customized to fit YOUR body type, whether you have long arms, short legs, or lots of curves. They carry sizes 0-36W and allow you to customize the sleeves, the length of the pants and much more for a perfect fit.

I received this purple tweed jacket from them and styled it for a casual day out. A simple white tank top, some dark skinny jeans and black flats make this jacket great for any casual occasion. It can also be easily dressed up for work with a pencil skirt and heels.

purple tweed

eshatki jacket


  1. I’ve heard so much about eShakti lately. . . I really need to check them out.  That blazer is beautiful on you.  I really love the colour.  I definitely know how you feel about finding clothing to fit petites.  I’m curvy so I don’t usually have a problem with width, but length is ALWAYS an issue for me.  Everything is always too long!

  2. Don’t you love eshakti? They’re clothing is beautiful and that blazer is no exception.   And I totally know what you mean about finding small sizes with our generation’s “size inflation.” I’m not even that small and whenever I shop I wonder how people who are smaller than me find clothes that fit! 

  3. eShakti is the best for petites! I have a REALLY similar jacket but in black and I never know how to style it…taking mental notes on this outfit 🙂

  4. I’m no where near as tiny as you, but I am generally a size 2/4, and even that makes it hard to fit into some clothes. I can’t even go into The Loft and expect to fit into any of their tops, even the XS in the petite section. And I’m really not even very small. So I hear ya! I’ve heard a lot about eShakti and I think it’s so cool that they can tailor to fit just about anyone!

    1. you are TINY! It’s so weird how all stores are different. For example, in H&M I have to size wayyy up, but in other stores I can’t even fit into an XS.

  5. i LOVE tweed! it’s such a classic fabric that i think will be in style forever
    i have the same problem as you too! and it seems like most companies are only starting to make sizes bigger and bigger – i have to get almost everything tailored

  6. I know what you mean about finding clothes that are hard to fit (I am 5’2). That blazer looks great on you, what a great site and find!

  7. I like the idea of customizable items!  I usually have the opposite problem – sleeves are too short, skirts are WAY too short.  Great jacket!

  8. Rachel, tweed jacket have that great versatility and can be dressed down with a jeans and a tee like you did or dressed up with a pencil skirt. I love them so much as they have that Chanel charm and are so feminine and classy. You are such a pretty woman Rachel, I cant say it often enough 🙂

  9. This tweed jacket is seriously so gorgeous and chic on you. I love the deep purple colour as well. Looks so nice on you! I heart about eShakti and I think I need to check it out!

  10. Love the tweed! That jacket fits perfect & I love the way you styled it simple! (I tried to comment earlier but I wasn’t sure if it went through – sorry if you find two comments from me!) 

  11. Such a cute look Rachel! I just took photos in a tweed jacket I just got too! Love it! I really like that color! I love how eShakti lets you customize things–the correct fit is really important.

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