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Want to hear something that sucks? I don’t get HBO. Never have. Probably never will (at least while I’m still living at home). I guess it doesn’t suck that much since I get pretty much every other channel, but sometimes I miss out on some good movies and series. One of the series I was upset I would be missing is “Girls”. “Girls”, written by Lena Dunham (who also is one of the four main characters), is a series about a group of 20-something girls living in NYC getting through the ups and downs of life. I had heard all the great reviews and was bummed I wouldn’t be able to see it.

Luckily, there’s this thing called the Internet and I finally found a non-spammy website that was streaming the first season. So a few weeks ago I plopped down and watched all 10 episodes- in a row. That’s how good it was. Unlike most shows that focus on 20-somethings (hello, I’m talking about “The O.C.”, “One Tree Hill”, etc.) this one is real. The girls aren’t runway models in their 30’s playing the part of a 20-year old, they are actresses who look and act just like you and me. I found myself relating to each one of them (mostly Marnie and Hannah- yes, if that’s possible- I’m a mix of the two opposites) and laughing hysterically at the awkward situations that seem all too familiar for me. The show has it’s moments where it’s hard to contain your laughter, but then there are the moments that are real. Raw emotion, real scenarios and the ugly truth. Nothing is over-exaggerated or over-acted, it doesn’t even seem like a TV show at times.

Anyway, I’m obsessed. From the awkward moment when Hannah comes home to find her Dad naked on the bathroom floor with a hurt back to the emotional scene when Marnie meets her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend (only 2 weeks after they broke up), it’s all entertaining. I highly recommend the show to any girl in her 20’s, since you can probably relate to at least one of the characters. Have you tuned in to watch “Girls” & who is your favorite?


  1. I love Girls! I stumbled upon it accidentally over the summer and ended up watching all 10 episodes in one day (I laughed pretty hard when you said you did that too!) The second season is just as good. I feel like there has to be a site that you could use to catch up on it!

    1. haha glad I’m not alone! Watching them back-to-back is way better than each week- it gets rid of the suspense between episodes where you’re dying to know what happened!

  2. I’ve been watching it and I love it. My 20s are behind me but it brings back so many memories of being in that place in my life. I can relate to Hannah a lot. 

  3. I haven’t seen Girls yet.  I don’t have tv at all but hopefully I can find a good website!  Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. HBO is the one channel we pay for, I LOVE IT! But I haven’t watched this show! Thank you for letting us know about it, I’m always looking for a new series I love, will have to watch it!

  5. I watched the first episode last season and didn’t LOVE it, but I keep hearing the most amazing things about it so I’m going to give it another shot (I’m sure I’ll be obsessed)!

  6. Yay I love Girls too!  I think my favorite moment was when Hannah talked about rape during a job interview.  I don’t get HBO either… or cable.. but my boyfriend does!  If he asks, no, I’m not just using him for his TV…

  7. Girls is my all-time favorite show. Of all time. Seriously. During the first season, I would actually get uncomfortable watching it because the situations hit SO close to home that it made me squirm. I’m so happy that you’ve discovered it. The second season is just as good.


  8. I’m completely obsessed with it too! I never watched it when the first season aired but one of my friends wouldn’t stop talking about it so I knew I had to! Now I’m hooked!

  9. Girl, I hear ya!! I had heard such great things about Girls but don’t get HBO either and it costs an arm and a leg to add it to the cable bill. While channel surfing a couple of weeks ago I discovered that my provider was doing one of those HBO promotions where they give you the channel for a weekend. Just so happens they were airing the entire first season of Girls! John and I watched it all day long, straight through. I totally agree with your opinion, it is so real and raw and relatable. I’m so depressed I’m missing season 2

  10. Ahh! I’m right there with you girl! I don’t have HBO either and it’s killing me that the new season started and I can’t watch! I watched the first season all in a row on my cousins iPad on New Year’s Eve–before the festivities! I’m hooked! lol

  11. I love this show. I’ve adored it since the first episode – it’s just so brilliantly written. I adore Marnie and I honestly love Hannah. I know she’s awful but she isn’t a bad person and many of us behave just like that against out better judgment. The only thing about it is that I regret not letting loose and being with my girls enough when I was young. I suppose that’s just a lesson for my hypothetical daughter, I guess. 

  12. I’ve never seen the show but I’ve heard SO much about it! Can you send me an email with the website you used to watch it? Thanks girly!!

  13. Oh. Man. Girls is my life! Haha.

    My favorite line ever, the moment when I truly fell in love with the show-
    Marnie: You have this weird mythology about yourself. Like believing you have to have 11 hours of sleep every night.”

    Hannah: “I do. Ever since I had mono.”

    (I have said something similar to this about once a month ever since I had mono my Freshman year hahhaa.)

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