DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

diy v-day cards

Ever since high school, I’ve loved making my own Valentine’s Day cards for my friends. It became sort of a tradition, which I carried on to college. While I usually make them by hand, I decided to use some Photoshop skills this time around instead (plus, I was lacking the materials and time to make these myself). You can either doodle on thick cardstock yourself or spend an hour or so in Photoshop and print them out on nice paper. Either way, I’m sure your friends or boyfriend will love them!


ryan gosling valentine

The first type of card is the “Celebrity Crush Valentine”, which is based off of cards my friend Kerry made for my friends and I back in high school. She won class clown for our senior superlatives, so it’s safe to say these were hit. I took her idea as inspiration and created my own “Celebrity Crush Valentines” for my friends during my freshman year of college. These are super simple- you just use some nice white cardstock (or other thicker type of paper) and print out a small photo of their celebrity crush. Then the creativity comes into play. Think of some corny play-on-words with one of their songs, movies, etc.- you may have to do some Googling if you’re not familiar with the celebrity. Then either type and print out the greeting or write it yourself with a nice marker. Try to relate it to romance or Valentine’s Day if you can- the more risque or corny, the better. These are super easy to make since everyone has at least one celebrity crush!

DIY valentines day card

Another type of Valentine card that I’ve made for my friends in the past is “3 Reasons Why I Love You”. Use cardstock or thick white paper and doodle on the front “3 Reason Why I Love You”. On the inside, personalize it with their name, the 3 reasons, and your signature. These are a nice alternative to the pre-made cards at the grocery store or drugstore since they list specific reasons and the writing is in your own words. While we often say “I love you” to our friends and family, we rarely give specific reasons why, so this is a great way to do just that.

 v day cards

The last type of card you can give for Valentine’s Day is the “Name Card”. My friend Emily and I used to do this with each other’s names and it was hilarious (the “R” in Rachel was always “radiant” because we couldn’t think of any other words that began with that letter). All you have to do is write the person’s name vertically down the paper (you’ll want your paper to be in the portrait style, not landscape) in big, bold letters. Then write a word, adjective or phrase that begins with each letter of their name. Write this in a smaller font and in a different color so it stands apart from the letters. Again, it’s the creativity that makes these cards stand out.


  1. I wish Ryan would send me the first card hahahaha, he is absolutely amzingly HOT 🙂

    super lovely ideas my dear Rachel, you are so good at that stuff.

  2. I love homemade cards for Valentine’s day – and yes, there’s just something about getting Valentines – it’s the best 🙂

  3. These are really cute ideas. I tend to lack a little creativity when it comes to Valentines Day cards, but these would be such a fun little project!

  4. Aw these are so cute! A little personalization goes a long way… now I’m totally in an arts and crafts mood haha!

  5. So cute Rachel. What great ideas. We are hoping to have a few posted on our blog here in the future soon. 

  6. As I was going to your page I was thinking, “hm, I would love to send Valentines this year but I don’t know what to do for them..” haha well there you go!  Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. What fun ideas! I love the idea of making your own cards, they bring a personal and crafty touch to the holiday. 

  8. I absolutely LOVE the “Crazy, Stupid Love” Valentine! Ryan Gosling!!

    Homemade Valentine’s are the best.

  9. These are really cute ideas!!  I love handmaking cards, although my favorites for a while were scanning my face with a word bubble next to it to write in.  Probably not great for my scanner… or my face! 

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