Terrible TV: “The Bachelor”

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Let’s face it, there are a variety of terrible reality TV shows out there. Sure, I enjoyed “The Real World” and “American Idol” the first few seasons, but some of these shows are just too ridiculous for my taste. One of these shows is “The Bachelor”, and its ill-fated counterparts, “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor Pad”.

I understand how watching a “train wreck” show can be entertaining (I’m an avid “Real Housewives” fan), but people who actually enjoy The Bachelor for other reasons – please help me understand, because I just can’t.

I’m all for watching love stories unfold on television, but the entire concept of this particular show is just insane. One bachelor- usually a rich “pretty boy” with six-pack abs and a door knob for a brain- goes on the show to meet his future wife. A group of 25 eligible women from across the country are chosen to compete against one another to win his heart. The show is supposed to end in an engagement , a televised future wedding, and the storybook ending of “happily ever after.” Yeah right. Here are just a few reasons why I don’t understand “The Bachelor”.

First of all, how can anyone who applies- let alone gets cast- on this show have the guts to admit it. Maybe it’s just me, but I would think it’s pretty embarrassing to admit that you can’t get a boyfriend so you’re so desperate you’re signing up for a reality show. In fact, I’m embarrassed FOR these women. Second-hand embarrassment, it’s a real thing people! These women are basically admitting that they can’t get a boyfriend on their own, so they need a camera crew, some wine and a thickened plot line to help them along the way. What happened to going to a bar, meeting through mutual friends, or even online dating?

Secondly, how is any woman in her right mind okay with the fact that she is in fact sharing a boyfriend with 20-something other women. I love it when they say, “Oh Sean and I have SUCH a connection. We talked about our goals, our careers.. and the kiss was magical!” Guess what honey- he talked about his goals (marriage) and your career (it IS shown as a subtitle every time each contestant appears) with each woman. Knowing that I’m kissing a dude who just kissed probably 3 other women that same day grosses me out. I feel like I need to brush my teeth just thinking about it. It gets even worse when you think about what else goes on in the house- if you know what I’m saying. The show should really be called “Sloppy Seconds.”

Lastly, isn’t it awkward for these women to be around one another? I know that there are cat-fights and vicious arguments (it’s plastered over my Twitter feed and E! News recaps), but sometimes it looks like the women become friendly with one another. I can barely make friends with female strangers and I’m certainly not trying to steal their boyfriend, so I can’t imagine trying to force smiles and lame conversations with the fellow contestants. I feel like someone would put bleach in my shampoo or cut my hair at night if I were on this show. And you don’t mess with my hair, that’s for sure.

I bet if these women on the show spent half as much time raising their self esteem and working on their own life than they did choosing the right hair extensions and push-up bras, they might just be able to find a man on their own- without the help of creepy Chris Harrison.


  1. This must be the only terrible TV I don’t watch.. wasted an hour of my life on the real housewives yesterday ūüôā

  2. Haha, this is funny but I must admit I sadly still watch the bachelor.  Not so much for the hope of watching true love unfold but more for the hope of seeing a cat fight in the house!

  3. ¬†I do watch The Bachelor…not because I think it’s going to wind up as true love that leads to a wedding (although sometimes it does) but because it’s pure entertainment.

  4. I watched the first few seasons of The Bachelor. I liked it, but after a couple of seasons it’s all the same. I don’t get all the hype around it.

  5. Haha you crack me up!! I am one of the ones that watch (hate to admit it), but while I’m watching I say to myself ‘why am I doing this to myself?!!’ It’s pure entertainment for me. It’s hilarious bc the girls are so ridiculous! I do agree with you though – I don’t understand how these women go on the show. However, it makes for mindless entertainment for the rest of us ha!!

  6. It is a ridiculous show, but I think that’s a main reason people watch it – it’s fun to make fun of and laugh at. I am personally guilty of watching Teen Mom religiously… I can’t get enough.¬†

  7. I totally, totally agree that the concept for this show is crazy! I do have to admit that it’s¬†extremely¬†entertaining¬†to watch though, if even just to poke fun at how ridiculous the people on it are.¬†

  8. Hahaha! I’m dying. This is an amazing recap. I have only watched one season of The Bachelorette, ever. And that’s when I was living alone for a month and didn’t have cable but did have the ABC app on my iPad, and thus limited options. The show is absolutely ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense. They date for maybe 10 weeks and the show ends with a proposal. Every. Time. I don’t understand. I could be 100% that I met my soulmate and I would still wait longer than 10 weeks to say yes! So stupid. But so entertaining.¬†

  9. LOL Chris Harrison is kinda creepy isn’t he?!?! I used to watch the Bachelor and Bachelorette religiously in high school then stopped after the season when he picked no one. Thought it was stupid and I had no idea what relationships were really about at the point. I do think its pathetic, I would be embarassed to be on this show if I was really there to “find love.” I think it is pretty obvious that some people just want to become “reality tv stars” by being on the show and to say they were on tv, which is also pretty stupid. I have to admit though, I started up watching this season again with my friend but I missed Monday’s episode. I don’t know, I might have to stop, reading this has reinforced why I stopped watching the show in the first place ūüėČ Plus, I’m loving the Carrie Diaries, which I think is on at the same time!

    1. he’s always creeped me out, idk I don’t have a problem with people who watch the show, but I think it’s crazy that people would actually GO ON the show willingly.

  10. yes you are right it is terrible TV I mean look at the track record do girls really think it will last? some of the girls are downright mean and i know the production team plays it up but I will still continue to watch

  11. I’m with you.¬† I’ve only seen a few final episodes of the last Bachelorette and only because ten million people said I looked like Emily Maynard.¬† I enjoyed watching the beautiful clothes and the beautiful cities, but you won’t find me watching the next season.¬† In general, I’m not a reality show person.

  12. I really need to catch up on my this seasons episodes of the Bachelor. I hear about it all the time and I feel so behind!

  13. I have never watched the bachelor, despite my dedication to all things terrible television, but this post is making me think I need to add it to the rotation. 

  14. I’m right with you Rachel, this show is crazy!¬† My roommate watches it so I catch it now and then.¬† I just don’t understand how people can think it ever ends in love, I think only a couple of the bachelors have ended up married and all but one couple has gotten divorced.¬† This is definitely not the route to true love.¬†

    That being said, I may still watch “The Challenge” on MTV.¬† Which is also ridiculous, but at least there aren’t any false pretenses!

    1. haha I watch plenty of bad TV too, but this show just is too weird for me to understand. The motive behind it is so hopefully and dare I say slutty?

  15. I’ve never actually watched this show (but did get sucked in to Big Rich Texas for a little bit, and that one about the hairstylists in Jersey- can’t think of the name of it right now), but I think calling the show “Sloppy Seconds” is hilarious. ¬†Nice post!

  16. I stoped watchign that show b/c I cant take the ridicness of it anymore! Now i watch silly shows like Moonshiners (with no female drama with the husband) ahah okay, he watches, I blog.

  17. I think the only way to understand the Bachelor is just to come to terms that it’s not AT ALL about finding a husband. It’s pretty much a bunch of fame-whoring men and women causing drama. It’s horrible, but I love watching it and making snarky comments. ūüôā

  18. Lol ah the women of the Bachelor. Classy as always. I love The Daily Tay’s recaps on the Bachelor. I don’t even watch, I just have her tell me what happens.¬†

  19. Thickened plot line? Uh, more like super-weak plot lines! I’ll (grudgingly) admit that I’ve watched “The Bachelorette” before, but I’ve never really watched “The Bachelor.” …Until this season. Ugh, I know! It’s terrible tv, I agree!¬†But I’m with you on all points above. Embarrassingly pathetic, fame-hungry women looking for “love” on national television; super-sloppy seconds (and thirds & fourths sometimes); and totally lame catfights (although some are pretty epic, I’m sure). But right now that’s what I’m loving to see! I’ve never been a reality tv person–except for HGTV. And I don’t watch this show with the belief that it’s all real and true love is just 12 weeks away (I mean, really…you barely see the person the whole time & you’re expected to fall in love & live in wedded bliss? Give me a break!) But I find myself looking forward to Monday nights these days (or whenever I get around to watching in on DVR). It has sucked me in. But I’m not watching anymore “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette.”¬†After this season. LOL! PS – Love your blog! Read it every day!

  20. hahah i loved your commentary. i never USED to watch the bachelor, but after my roomie did I got hooked on it, but we watch it to make fun of it w/ a few girls from work over a couple of glasses of wine so it’s more of a social event for us ūüôā

  21. What a genius post! I laughed til i cried.. thank you for brightening up my afternoon. So refreshing to have someone say what they are really thinking.. only started reading your blog last week and it’s already a firm favourite..

  22. Yes, this show is a trainwreck and it is mostly made for entertainment and not for finding love… However, the people¬†that appear on these¬†shows are REAL people.¬† You are being very judgemental when you do not even know the women who choose to go on the show nor do you know¬†why they chose this path.¬† Maybe they are “fame whores” or maybe they really are looking for love…This post would be funny if you didn’t personally attack the women who appear on the show.¬† Just a few weeks ago did you not post about women who are monsters??¬† The Bachelor is more than just an entertainment¬†show.¬† It has become a community of people that often times do things for a good cause.¬† Kacie B threw a premier party this season¬†in support of The Boys and Girls Club of America¬†and Michelle Money and Graham Bunn¬†have partnered¬†to raise money for colon cancer research and these are just to name a few.¬† I am not trying to be rude I just thought that you should know that it is more than just cat fights.¬†Many people HAVE found love through this show whether it be¬†televised or not, they have made friendships, and have come together for some good causes- I believe that is the most important thing.¬†

  23. This is hilarious! Especially the part about you wanting to brush your teeth after thinking about all the women that guy has kissed in one day. I used to watch the Bachelor a looooong time ago but stopped because I can only handle so many crappy reality TV shows at one time. The whole concept of this show is just dumb, along with all of the other spinoffs of it and other shows inspired by it “(insert celebrity name here” of love” and the relationships never last anyway, so why do people STILL go on it?! We all have our guilty pleasure TV shows but this just isn’t one of mine. Loved this post Rachel!


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