Valentine’s Day Wishlist

When I think of Valentine’s Day gifts, my mind automatically goes to the top 3- chocolate, flowers and jewelry. I’d say that any male who is reading this (bless your heart) would make a great impression on their girlfriend by sticking to those basics. That is, unless she is allergic to flowers or chocolate. Then you might want to just go straight to the jewelry. While my taste in jewelry may differ from some girls (I like dainty, silver jewelry in small sizes since my wrist/fingers are tiny), I like just about any type of chocolate or flowers.

Just for the fun of it, I picked out some things I would love for the big day. Feel free to use this as inspiration for what to get your girlfriend- or if you’re a girl, maybe forward this to your hubby oh-so subtly.


tiffanys jewelry

All from Tiffany & Co (naturally!): Bow earrings  / Paloma Picasso® Love Bracelet  /  Alphabet heart tag letter charm and chain  /  Tiffany Hearts pendant  /  Tiffany Yours Heart pendant  /  Return To Tiffany Black Bead Bracelet  Return To Tiffany Silver Bead Bracelet 


valentines day chocolate

Cinnamon Bears  /  Chocolate & Pecan Turtles  /  Ghiradelli Dark Mint Squares  /      Lindt Creation Coconut Bar


valentines day flowers

Red roses  / White roses  /  Yellow roses  /  Pink roses


  1. I love jewelry and chocolate, but I personally would rather get flowers any day of the year but Valentine’s Day. Roses, especially get so marked up that I’d rather a o gorgeous orchid or daisies, just because!

  2. YES YES & YES to those bow earrings! GORGEOUS! I wouldn’t mind a large bouquet of flowers either 😉 The boy did well last year, we shall see what comes about this year 🙂

  3. Those silver bow earrings are really pretty!! I would like one from each category, please!  This year I sent my boyfriend a very specific list with links of things I would like, we’ll see how he does 😉

  4. Yes! I mean, I’m the freak that doesn’t like chocolate, but that’s so on point. I feel like boys worry about it and any one of the three (or all three) is totally perfect haha! xo

  5. “yes, please!” to all of the jewelry…and the chocolate! ok, i guess i wouldn’t say no to the flowers either… 

    (my bf’s email is….)

  6. I’d be happy with any of the above…especially if it just happened to come in a little blue box! I love how you didn’t mess around with any other jewellery, instead you went right to the jackpot! Those bow earrings are simply adorable and you can never go wrong with chocolate!

    xo jen

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