Valentine’s Day Outfit

date night outfit

Nordstrom black blazer  /  White blouse   /  Target red skirt  /  ASOS black tights  /  Black patent heels  /  Red heart necklace  / Revlon lipstick in “Really Red” Matte

I have a confession to make. I bought this skirt in the Target girls section. So yes, your 8-year old niece or cousin is probably running around their house right now wearing this same skirt, and I have no shame. I originally bought this skirt around Christmastime, figuring that I’d wear it over leggings for a fun ugly sweater party or maybe even for Santacon, but plans fell through.

So instead, I thought that the red would be cute for Valentine’s Day. By wearing black tights it makes the skirt seem less risque (it’s pretty short- after all it’s meant for people half my age) and a crisp blouse and blazer make it more appropriate. I added a fun heart necklace and a red lip to finish off the date night look.

date outfit

red skirt


  1. Wow Rachel, this is such a stunning Valentine’s ensemble. Chic, flirty yet playful. Also love your red lips and your beautiful curly hair. Your man can be super proud to have such a super sweet darlin’ 🙂

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to a Santacon!!!  I was supposed to go the year before last but I think we ended up having family in town or something.  Oh well.  I love that skirt!  The way you styled it is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  3. Look at you fitting in the little girls section! Talk about a money saver! This skirt is so cute. I love that you chose to keep the outfit simple with just a nice pop of red.

  4. I shop in the kids department sometimes too, don’t worry!  Sometimes you can find cute things but other things fit so awkwardly (they are not built for women haha).  This looks good, I like how you paired it with more sophisticated pieces since its short.  It reminds me a little bit of Allison’s post today!

  5. Such a cute date night look! And I would have never guessed it was from the girls section! Who cares?! It looks amazing on you 🙂 The blazer definitely gives it a polished look. I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day/date night tomorrow!

  6. Just out of curiosity, what is the size equivalent when shopping in the girls section?  Like a ladies size 2 = girls size “?”…
    I never would have thought to do that, but when I see outfits this cute, it’s tempting! 

    1. I’m a size 0 and I got an XL in this. Truthfully, every store/ item is different. If you’re a size 0-2, you can usually fit into a girl’s XL OR XXL (also known as 14/16 size), I’d say anything over a 4 won’t fit in a girl’s size. ALWAYS try it on before buying- that’s what I do!

  7. No you did NOT get this in the kids section? Holy cuteness! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! You are adorable!!

  8. Shopping in the kids section just gives you double the options when shopping! Love that this look is festive, but not over the top!

  9. Such a cute look! Love your skirt! Love when I find things in the kids section that fit and are super cute! Perfect V-day look!

  10. So beautiful! Really, Rachel I don’t think you could make any outfit look bad. You are just like my sister, and I can’t stand people that are like that. I envy you both. hehe. Happy Birthday yesterday. I am sorry I did not get to tell you then. 

  11. YOu look stunning! Such a pretty outfit, I can’t believe that skirt is from the girls section! That’s the second time this week I’ve come across a blogger who shopped there. Might have to take a look myself  now.

  12. I can’t get enough of your skirt! Seriously so adorable and a total score from the girls section!! I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s!!

  13. You are so freakin cute! I love that you can rock/style a little girl’s skirt. This is a fab Vday outfit!! Hope you enjoyed your day!

  14. I adore this skirt!!!!! Such a cute look! Hey if you can shop in that section more power to you!! Fabulous as always! Have a great weekend!

  15. ok this just makes me love you even more! I totally shop in the target girls section! Its way cheaper and just as cute, more power to you!

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