How to Add Glitter to Your Wardrobe

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Glitter is an easy way to add some sparkle to any outfit. However, going overboard with the glitter can make you look like a shiny disco ball, and that’s never in style. The trick to mastering a wardrobe with glitter pieces is to wear them sparingly. Sticking to one glitter piece per outfit, adding in glitter accessories and choosing pieces with glitter accents are three simple ways to pull off this trend.

The first way to tastefully wear glitter is to only wear one glittery piece per outfit. For example, invest in a nice glitter top and pair it with plain black pants. Or if you’re wearing a glitter dress, add a solid-color jacket and pair of tights to balance out the ensemble. Wearing head-to-toe glitter comes off as gaudy and you’re sure to be the center of attention- but for the wrong reasons. Having a few nice glitter items in your wardrobe is a must for last-minute parties, date nights and celebrations.

Another way to wear glitter is with accessories. That boring outfit you’ve worn 100 times before will look glam with the addition of a sparkly accessory. Hats and scarves with bits of glitter are a great way to keep your head warm and stay stylish. Another trend that has been popular lately is glitter tights. Look for ones with subtle glitter for a stricter dress code, or go full-out sparkle for a fun night out. Jewelry, the always-classic accessory, with hints of glitter is a great option as well. The most popular accessory would be glitter shoes. You can pretty much find them in any solid color or color combination. Much like clothing, keep glitter accessories to a minimum- one or two is enough.

A final way to subtly add glitter to your look is to find pieces with glitter accents. You don’t have to wear a dress with glitter all over it, a dress with a glitter collar, pattern or trim will have the same effect. Look for handbags with glitter accents or straps as a last-minute go-to.

When you purchase and wear a clothing item with glitter, make sure that the flakes aren’t coming off. The last thing you want is for glitter to be all over your car, hands and legs. Be careful when laundering these items as well- read the specific washing instructions on the tag and wash items alone just to be safe.


  1. My favorite way to wear glitter is definitely through accessories or small accents! I think a sparkly clutch is the perfect topper to a party look.

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