Weekend Wrap-up

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday (which was Tuesday) and Valentine’s Day (which was Thursday). Since we do the whole long-distance thing, we couldn’t celebrate these days during the work week. We had a great time exchanging gifts, going out to a nice dinner, and relaxing. Here are a few snapshots.


The gift I made for James for Valentine’s Day. It’s a broquet instead of a bouquet. Flowers for men doesn’t make sense, so instead I used liquor, junk food and gift cards!



valentines day flowers

tulips and lillies

Beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers from James. Tulips and lilies!


feb5James’ sweet Mom got me these shirts- she knows my favorite color is yellow (can you tell?)


lo and sons

lo and sons camera bag

Parents birthday gift to me- a Lo & Sons camera bag (doesn’t it look like a normal purse from the outside?)


la vie est belleMy birthday gift to myself- a new perfume


chocolate comaJames got me chocolate for Valentine’s Day. I think this might last me until February 14, 2014.


macys earrings

sapphire earringsPretty sapphire earrings for Valentine’s Day from my lovely boyfriend


  1. That camera bag definitely looks like a handbag! What a bunch of fun presents! I love the broquet you made for him. So creative. Bet he loved it too!

  2. LOL that chocolate might just last you that long! Holy chocolate  YUM! AWWW that is the most adorable thing ever that you made for your bf, love it! Also, those flowers and earrings are gorgeous! Bravo James, bravo! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful birthday/Valentines Day! That broquet has to be the most brilliant thing I have ever seen. SO CLEVER!

  4. Those earrings are gorgeous! And your flowers are beautiful too!  That’s such a fun, creative idea that you did for your boyfriend – the broquet! 🙂  And yellow is my favorite color too!  It’s such a happy color!  I’m glad you had such a great birthday and Valentine’s Day!

  5. That broquet is PRECIOUS! And I spy a Taco Bell gift card!! LOL!  Love that place! And those earrings are GORG! Wow! Lucky lady!

  6. ok so how cute are you using liquor bottles in a valentines basket?? that is such an amazing idea and I am totally stealing it 🙂 I hope you had a great vday and bday!! 

  7. Rachel, you are so creative! I love that broquet idea…how fun. I’m sure he totally loved it 🙂 Also it looks like you made out pretty darn good. I want one of those camera bags SO bad and that chocolate is making me crave sweets…


    1. Thank you! I saw it on Pinterest and changed it up a bit just for my bf! The camera bag is so nice- if you go to their website loandsons.com they have so many cool colors too!

  8. A BROquet?!? That’s literally the best idea ever….I’m amazed. Also, that Taco Bell gift card is making me hungry {oops!}. Happy to see you had such a lovely Birthday/Valentines day weekend!

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