The Epic Fashionable Scarf

fashion scarf

Pashmina (from the streets of NYC)  /  H&M jacket  /  Pacsun jeggings  /  American Eagle boots

I’ll start off this blog post by telling you all a funny story that goes along with this scarf. The first time I wore it out in public I was with my Dad while we drove to my brother’s college to pick him up for winter break. We stopped at a gas station to get some snacks for the ride home, and the woman cashier was just amazed at my scarf. “That scarf is so beautiful! You look so fashionable, you don’t see many girls around here wearing things like that!” I kind of laughed because 1. It’s just a simple, patterned scarf; 2. I  bought it for probably $15 at H&M and 3. He went to college in a rural town only about 2 hours from where we lived, so I assume people dress the same at both places. Maybe this lady isn’t used to seeing scarves or maybe she was predicting my future as a fashion blogger, but hey- I appreciated the compliment.

H&M white jacket


  1. Well DUH! You ARE so fashionable 🙂  That is a cute story- and that very worthy of that scarf! It’s a great pattern and color 🙂

  2. Haha, maybe scarves hadn’t made their way to that town! I only live about an hour south of NYC and people definitely don’t dress the same here!

  3. haha people are just like that in texas – they think because you wear this or that, then you deserve to live in some swanky nyc apartment… um no, this is just forever 21 😉

  4. That is a nice scarf! I like the way it pops against the white coat. I’ve been dying for a lighter colored coat but I’m so clumsy that thing would be a constant mess!

  5. it’s always funny what other people think of as fashionable.  the scarf is beautiful, but i really love your boots!

  6. I think that scarf is really pretty, I can see why that woman loved it so much!  You are a very fashionable woman so I’m not surprised you received such a sweet compliment 🙂

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