Girl Crush: Sandrah Hellberg

sandrah hellberg

I first saw Sandrah in her Guess campaign while browsing through an issue of In Style, Vogue or Marie Claire. Although all the Guess campaigns are usually gorgeous, this one stood out to me. There’s something very alluring about her appearance. Maybe it’s her pouty lips, the fact that she is a fellow brunette or that she has porcelain, perfect skin. The girl makes me want to go out and buy the entire Guess handbag collection.


sandrah hellberg guess


Another reason why I have a girl crush on Sandrah is that she is beautiful with and without makeup on. Some of her photo shoots show her with unruly hair, freckly skin and just a swatch of lip balm. It makes you almost want to hate her, but it’s not her fault she looks so pretty! She has a youthful face (she IS just a month younger than me, a mere 24) that you don’t see much of these days. Here are some shots of my favorite makeup looks of hers.


sandrah hellberg makeup


  1. I’m not familiar with her but she is definitely stunning! She reminds me of a 1950s pinup with the liquid liner and the red lip!

      1. Haha that’s funny! I actually always think they find the hotter girls to use for Guess ads lol. I usually then show them to my boyfriend and he agrees 😉

  2. Love her freckles! I actually prefer them over an airbrushed look! I used to have a bunch, but they have decreased with age! Boo!

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