Girl Crush: Mollie King

mollie king hot

I’m a sucker for the E! Network (Chelsea Lately and Fashion Police are two of my favorites), so from time-to-time I end up “accidentally” watching some of their new reality shows. Since pretty much any show is better than watching Kim Kardashian whine about how big her ass is, I found myself watching a few episodes of their new show, “The Saturdays”. The Saturdays are a girl group who have conquered Britain and are now looking to make it here in the U.S.

After watching a few episodes, I found myself loving one of the members, Mollie King. Mollie is the only single one of the group, is a bit shy, and hates the club scene. She has the cute, girl-next-door look and feel about her and I love it. Not to mention she is gorgeous, has an amazing singing voice and a hair style that almost makes me want to chop mine off. Almost.

mollie king hair

After pinning a few images of her, I realized she also has an amazing sense of style. Her style reminds me a bit of Lauren Conrad (who I love!) She typically wears girly dresses, masters the art of layering and never looks too sexy. You have to appreciate a girl who can pull that a look that’s simple, yet still stylish. Consider her one of my new fashion muses. Mollie, can we be BFFS?

mollie king


  1. I’ve never heard of her. She is so pretty and has amazing hair! My hair never looks good that length…

  2. OMG she is my girl crush, too!  Once I watched a few episodes I just knew I had to chop my hair off.  I took photos of her and photos of Olivia Palermo to my hair stylist 🙂

    So funny!

  3. She does have lovely style. I can’t watch reality tv. I think it makes us more susceptible to other’s drama, making small things much bigger in our lives. She is really a lovely girl though.

  4. I absolutely ADORE that little yellow skirt! And ditto on the hair deal, I always see the cutest hairstyles, but I know it would never work the same on my own mane…

  5. I definitely spend too much time watching reality TV during the week, but I’ve never seen this show! This girl is so gorgeous. How do you do that with short hair anyway?

  6. This post got me really excited, because hardly anyone I know in the US knows about The Saturdays! I love all 5 to be honest. If I could rock Frankie’s haircut, I totally would. Do you like any of their songs?

  7. Um, I think I just added another girl to my crush list…is that weird that I have a list going???? She is gorg!!!

  8. Ugh, LOVE The Saturdays and totally agree about Mollie King-she just always looks so perfect! (BTW I always toy with the idea of cutting my hair like Frankie…) I haven’t watched their show, because every time i put on E!, some Kardashian is on. I may have to look for it online/on demand.

  9. I’ve been wondering what that show is about – I’m sure I’ll get sucked into a marathon at some point! She really is gorgeous and has great style!  I love your girl crush series – my husband always jokes that I have more girl crushes than guy crushes, but it’s totally true!

  10. I’ve watched a few episodes too…reality tv will be the death of me! But I love Mollie King as well, and I totally agree, I love her style! I’ve been seeing some great looks all over Pinterest!

  11. Haha I’m starting to think we’re twins! I watch that show from time to time and I’m kind of obsessed with Mollie. She seriously has the most perfect hair, and I’ve also thought her style is very Lauren Conrad-esque, which is never ever a bad thing. Looking like her would certainly not suck!

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