St. Patricks Day Clothing & Accessories

Green is one of my favorite colors, so I love any holiday that gives me an excuse to wear it. Plus, I’m Irish so it makes St. Patrick’s Day double the fun. I’m still not sure what I’m wearing this year (we’ll see what the weather decides to do), but I know I’ll be decked out in lots of green. Need some inspiration for your celebration? Here’s a few of my favorite picks.

st patricks day outfit

Modcloth Emerald at Once dress  /  Nordstrom sunglasses  /  Irish earrings  /  Irish girl top  /  Green scarf  /  Modcloth green jacket  /  Macy’s green skinny jeans  /  Topshop satchel  /  Franco Sarto flats  /  Essie nail polish in “Going Incognito”


  1. St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner isn’t it!  OH MY!  It slipped my mind.  Great set!

  2. I’m not Irish but I do like wearing emerald green! I wear my green shinnies ALL the time! Happy Friday 🙂

  3. St Patties Day is huge where I grew up and even bigger where I live now. it’s really embarrassing how many bad green t-shirts I own. Every year I say I should “dress it up” or do something cuter, but really people are ust too messy at our parades for me to want to do it haha

  4. I was definitely a little hesitant when I heard emerald was the color of the year and even thought we’re already into the third month of the year I’ve yet to warm up to it enough to buy something green. I know that green would look killer with my red hair but I’m not the biggest fan…maybe that will change come summer though. I’m really loving that emerald stripped dress from Modcloth! Have a wonderful weekend Rachel! 

  5. I love St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m Irish too and I swear it makes it more fun.  Love your green accessories!  Can’t wait to see what you decide to wear!

  6. I love St. Patrick’s Day, I’m not Irish but everyone thinks I am because of my hair 😉  I want to rock a pair of kelly green jeans this year, but I’m not sure if I would wear them again.

  7. How ironic, I just finished eating a piece of soda bread LOL. I absolutely love that green dress and the Topshop satchel. 

  8. Green is one of my favorite colors as well! I guess because I have green eyes, which seem to be pretty uncommon. I’m especially loving that Topshop bag and that perfect green polish by Essie!

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