My Weakness: Target

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The fact that the closest Target to me is 45 minutes away is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a curse because I am absolutely obsessed with everything the store offers and having one close would be so convenient for those times when I need to pick up essentials like face wash, mascara, or- you know-  a cute sundress. It’s a blessing because if I had one within a 10-minute drive I would probably be there every night, spending money on things I don’t necessarily “need”.

Target has this weird power over me. Because they carry pretty much everything- ranging from clothes to housewares and beauty products to food- it’s a one-stop store for everything. You go in there looking for one thing and come out with 20. And don’t even get me started on the sale racks and the dollar bins at the front of the store. Target items are always at a reasonable price, but are still high quality, which is something that is hard to come by at a lot of their competitor’s stores.

I know I’m not alone here with my obsession with everything that is Target, however I’ve noticed that different people are drawn to different parts of the store. Some people stock up on 5 of their coats each winter, while others go crazy buying new dishes and hand towels for each season. While I love the store as a whole, there are three main areas/items that I find myself addicted to. Please help.

target bathing suits

Shop Target swimsuits

Bathing suits

Those tricky bastards put these puppies out in January to tempt me purposely. In January I’m months away from seeing any sun, pool or beach, yet the physical force of the string bikinis bring me in. I find myself trying on at least 4 bathing suits each time I go into the store. I don’t have a pool (or have any friends who do), I’m not even remotely close to a beach, and I don’t have any lavish vacation plans. So why do I feel the need to try on and buy their bathing suits? Well, they are just too cute. Their patterns, colors and styles are better than a lot of the more expensive versions I see at Pac Sun or Victoria’s Secret. And at $15 for a top or bottom, they are fairly affordable- even if you only wear them a few times each summer. My mom and boyfriend scold me for buying so many, but it’s a disease and I need the cure.


target beauty products

Shop Target beauty products

Beauty products

I’m a beauty/hair product junkie- I love trying new makeup and hair care products, especially at drugstores with their cheap prices. Target has aisles and aisles of these products and carries many brands I can’t find at Walmart or Rite Aid. A new product that claims it will tame frizz- sure, why not try it? They have Essie’s new spring collection- I need that pink even though I already have 5 others. I always stock up on e.l.f. brushes and bronzers while I’m there, too (they are the best products at cheap prices).



The dollar bin

Lastly, those bins at the front of the store are hard to ignore. Most of the products in there are between 1 and 5 dollars, which washes away any guilt you had prior to purchasing. Items I’ve bought from these bins before: a bunny ear headband (for that Easter party I’ll never have), a spiral notebook with puppies on the front (because I’m totally in high school where I need notebooks), cotton candy in a bag (because I really need more sugar in my life), and much more. These bins are the high-end equivalent of a dollar store, and I’m a big fan of dollar stores.

So now that you know mine, what are the areas of Target that are your weakness?


  1. You and me both girl.. I have to stop at Target today and will most likely spend $50 more than I need to!  Love that nautical suit!

  2. Girl I have a Target about 3 minutes from my job and my apartment. I sometimes even go to Target on my lunch break, it is a curse! All my bathing suits are from there and now the clothes are getting cuter and cuter it’s becoming a real issue for me.

  3. Oh gosh Target always gets me too – I always binge on their sunglasses and home goods.  And clothes.  And makeup.  Oh dear.  You’re kind of lucky Target is so far away from you, there’s one right around the corner from where I work. 

  4. I probably need a Target to be 45 mins from me instead of just 5, but let’s get real, I’d panic. I somehow always walk out with way more than I came in for…

  5.  I don’t know what I’d do if my Target was so far away! I have a Target obsession too. I always head straight for the clothing section and there goes $50 🙂

  6. I’m pretty sure I could have written this same post verbatim, except for the fact that my Target is about 5 dangerously close minutes from my house. I don’t go every day, but I’m there probably twice a week. 

  7. I don’t know how they do it, but they really have a way of getting people to empty their pockets! I love their bikinis, well, bikinis in general.  It’s hard not to spend all of my money on them.

  8. Hahahaha… oh Target is my weakness as well! I used to live way to close to one… like 5 minutes away and right by the gym I used to go to. So after working out I would stop there to pick up an item or two and leave spending $80 on clothes, beauty supplies, etc. It was awful. Luckily I don’t live as close to a Target, but they are everywhere around here (I mean they are headquartered here) so I always end up at one. Beauty supplies get me the most… UGH!

  9. I’m majorly obsessed with Target too! As a college student, it’s a great way for me to buy trendy clothing items and also to own more shoes and bags than I normally would be able to. In most cases you can’t tell that their products are inexpensive, which makes me love it even more!

    {PS – I’m obsessed with the Revlon lip stain I have! I have it in “Smitten” and it’s gorgeous + stays put for hours!}

  10. I swear every time I go into target I come out with 12 things I never even knew I needed. It is bad. I just started staying away. xx.

  11. That dollar section in the front is the DEATH of me. I have like 3 targets within 10 minutes from my house and it’s a curse. I used to go at LEAST once a week if not twice.  But in the last 3 months, I’ve only been 3 times total because of my spending freeze and it’s surprisingly REALLY liberating to say NO to Target. I’ve saved SO much. 

  12. Those target commercials were so hilarious! And I can totally relate here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into Target “just to pick up a few things for dinner” and walked out with some new candles for the house, a new outfit, you get the picture. For me, it’s the little knick knacks they put at the ends of all the aisles that suck me in. There’s one section by the kitchenware where they have all these colorful kitchen utensils – I’ve already bought 3 printed paring knives!

  13. More like which are of Target isn’t my weakness. I’m mildly obsessed with their clothing section atm as everything they have in for spring is amazing. When the Target 5 minutes away closed to remodel, I was devastated that I had to go 20 minutes away to the next Target LOL. 

    I’ve tried going with a list, but it really is just pointless. I still end up buying everything I need…and don’t.

  14. 45 minutes away!? How do you live? I love that place too. They have really stepped up their game in the last decade. I love their style and collections. 

  15. Haha, I love that Target lady. She cracks me up and just makes me so happy. I LOVE Target. I go there weekly without fail. We have one that is 10 min away, luckily!

  16. I love that polka dot bathing suit! How cute is that?!! I get most of my bathing suits from Target – they always have such a great selection! And I was SO lucky when I went in on Monday that they were in the middle of restocking the makeup, because they didn’t have any of the good stuff out!  I would have really shot myself in the foot had it just been stocked!

  17. That first photo cracked me up! I’m always impressed by Target when I walk in there… I feel like they’ve had such cute stuff lately!

  18. I know exactly what you mean about the bins at the front of the store… Roomie & I went to buy ink and spent thirty minutes checking out all the magnets/notepads/coloring books in there. Seriously dangerous territory 🙂

  19. Target is seriously the best/worst! Luckily they are pretty much just in the DC suburbs and we don’t have a car so it’s pretty easy to avoid – I do most of my shopping online and it’s just not the same browsing 

  20. Target is 30 minutes from my home town so I used to never go there. But now I like just 5 minutes away from Target and LOVE IT!

  21. I think I would DIE if Target were that far away from me! My Target is 3 minutes away (sometimes 5 if I hit red lights!). But I suffer from the Target buying coma too…I can never leave without spending $50! 

  22. Target! Target Target Target! What section ISN’T a weakness? I always start in the beauty section, buying cheap-o e.l.f. products! And all other kinds of products haha. Nail polish! Plus hair stuff and soap and body wash, etc.

    Then. Clothes. Jewelry. Accessories. Shoes. I’ve even started exploring the pajama/lounge wear/exercise department. Oh no!

    Good thing I don’t have kids and I’m not into that section yet – then it’s all downhill! 😉

  23. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Target. Before I moved it was literally 3 miles from my house, but now its more like 20. Which my wallet likes. I still stop in almost every time I pass by “just to look” but end up with at least one thing.

  24. Try living within 10 minutes of not one, but TWO Targets. I’m in one or the other at least once a week. I’m pretty sure when I walk in, they’re like “there she is again.” It’s super convenient, but my wallet hates me for it.

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