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One thing I’ve always “collected” was makeup. When I was younger, I remember going to my friend’s house and swapping lipstick samples that she somehow got from Avon. I had every color of glitter gel (where did we even put that stuff- on our eyes or face?) and each flavor of Lip Smackers. Since I still live in my childhood bedroom (yes, I still live at home to save money), I store my makeup on the same vanity I’ve had since I was 10.

makeup vanity

Although the gold vanity is now tarnished and falling apart, it still gets the job done. Every morning I apply my makeup while seated and it’s such an improvement over cramming everything in a small bathroom. Over the years, I’ve stored my makeup in a variety of cases, pouches and boxes, I’ve finally found a solution that works for my small space.

First, a proper mirror and lighting is a must. I bought this one from Amazon and it works wonders.

makeup brush storage

For the storage of my brushes, I use this patterned can I found in the $1 section at Target. Yes, those few aisles that call my name as soon as I walk in sometimes do have awesome finds. It keeps them organized and looks cute!

makeup organization

For my eye shadow and blush palettes, I store them on the lower level. Since they are thin and long, they fit best here. I don’t always use them on a daily basis, so I keep them hidden away to save space until I need to use them. Behind the palettes, I store any samples I get in a small LeSportsac pouch.


lipstick storage

For my lipstick collection, I used the top of a box that a Bath & Body Works gift set came in. The box was so pretty and a good size, so I’m happy I found a way to re-use it. The top is shallow enough to fit one row of lipsticks, glosses and tints. Like the Type A person I am, I group the lip products by brand and shade.


makeup vanitycosmetic storage

Lastly, I use the bottom of the previous mentioned gift box for everything else. These are what I call my daily essentials. Since I use these frequently, they are stored on the top level. I separate the products into sections (powders, blushes/bronzers, loose eye shadows, etc.) to keep them organized. For all my pencils (like eye liner or brow pencils) and other eye products (mascaras), I store them in a small, open pouch.

Someday, maybe when I move out and have a bigger space, I’d love to invest in clear storage containers for my makeup. But until then, this will do.

How do you store your makeup?


  1. love this make up area. How do you feel about leaving you brushes out? I always tend to but mine in a closed container or bag. Maybe I’m just too crazy but I’m afraid of dust getting on them. I do wash the often.

  2. you’re so organized! My everyday make up is either in my small travel makeup bag, or my smaller purse size bag. I have some OLD makeup in a small 3 drawer organizer, I should probably just take the drawer out and put all the contents in the trash because they are that old!

  3. You are quite the makeup collection! And I love that you still use this makeup vanity, so cute. Since I only own about a handful of makeup, I just keep it in the bathroom. But I’m hoping to expand my collection, so perhaps I need to start thinking of a good way to organize!

  4. You are so ORGANIZED. So jealous. I really really really want a vanity in my room someday. Our room just isn’t big enough right now 🙁 And I am super jealous of your lipstick collection! So many pretties!

      1. Haha, it would be AOK if you were a psycho organizer because I would also be jealous of that. One of my best friends is that way and I always ask her for advice, lol! Just jealous is all 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Um, mine is just thrown in a little basket and stuffed in a drawer. One day I plan on organizing my make-up, jewelry, and everything else in my house. When will that be? Beats me. Maybe when the kids are in college. Ha!

  6. look at all of your makeup!! Those lipsticks? Awesome.

    I don’t have much makeup so I just have a makeup bag that fits all of my essentials. It sits, lonely, in the bottom drawer in my bathroom. I’m suddenly craving a space like this though!

  7. You have so much lipstick! I have the makeup that I use every day in a clear makeup bag so I can find it easily. Other makeup that I don’t use on a daily basis I have in another makeup bag. And I store makeup palettes in a drawer.

  8. I keep all my makeup in an old Spotty Dotty Dalmatian tumbler from when I was a child. 🙂 The rest is in my cabinet. It’s hardly as organized as I’d like it to be, but we don’t have a lot of space in our current bathroom!

  9. Wow! That’s a lot of lipstick. I love your vanity. I used to have one until we moved. There isn’t really a space for one in our house. I keep all my makeup in a drawer in the bathroom. It’s not so bad though. Having limited space keeps me from hanging on to the stuff I don’t use.

  10. Oh I am in serious need of help in this part of my life lol. Most days I’m scared to open my makeup drawer, clearly I need to take some tips from you!

  11. Ummm can you pretty please come organize my makeup? I’m ashamed to even say how mine is stored!!!!!!!! Hint: it’s not nearly this pretty or organized. You’ve inspired me to tackle this project – adding it to my spring cleaning list!

  12. Rach you can come organize for me anytime! Even after making a magnetic makeup board to keep things of the counter, I can’t keep it all straight!

  13. I wish I could say I was that organized! I currently have everything in one bag, so I’m constantly sifting through trying to find eyeliner or whatever. I hope to make organizing that system a future project!

  14. Your lipstick collection is awesome!! And I love the gold vanity – I wish we had space for something like that in our little apartment! I actually shot my makeup storage this past weekend for my blog so it’ll be in a future post 🙂

  15. Wow, impressive! Everything is laid out in such an organized fashion. My most-used products are all in a makeup bag on top of my bathroom counter. My lesser-used products are stored in baskets. I like the acrylic storage containers as well. Only problem is…I’d probably make a mess of them!

  16. I’m living at home to save money as well. I WISH my room was big enough to fit a vanity – I would feel so much more organized with my make up and beauty products!

  17. Man, I need to do this! My make up area is a nightmare!!! I am now embarrassed!! 😉 Thank goodness nobody can see it.

  18. Your makeup is stored so neatly! Mine is just in a makeup bag. But at least I don’t have to pack my makeup when I go places 🙂

  19. I love the vanity! So neatly organized! And don’t even get me started on the makeup of youth. Lip smackers, glitter, glow in the dark stars (so fetch on the outer corners of the eye,) I’m amazed that I did not grow up to be Ke$ha.

    I keep all of my makeup in one of my dresser drawers in clear acrylic containers from The Container Store. It is truly my pride and joy LOL.

  20. I’m really quite jealous of this! I have: brushes sitting on a shelf, everyday makeup in a bag on a shelf, all my eye makeup in a giant bag on the floor of the spare bedroom, along with giant box of nail polish and giant bag of other makeup. On the floor. I KEEP MY MAKEUP ON THE FLOOR.

    So, really, jealous. Haha.

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