Easter Dresses

easter dresses

Although I rarely get super dressed up for Easter, I know that a lot of people do. I know this not only from word of mouth, but from how crowded the mall is the week leading up to Easter. Last year, I helped a woman find a purse to match to her dress that she planned on wearing to Easter mass. So basically I’m at expert at this. If you’re looking for a pretty dress for Easter – or spring in general – here are some of my favorites. Which type of Easter dress is your favorite- floral, pastel, lace, polka dots or 3/4 length sleeves? 


floral easter dress

Target floral dresses  /  Lily Pulitzer floral dresses  /  Modcloth floral dresses  /  ASOS floral dresses


lace easter dress

Modcloth lace dresses  /  Lily Pulitzer lace dresses  


pastel easter dress

Target pastel dresses


polka dot easter

Modcloth polka dot dresses  /  Target polka dot dresses


3/4 sleeve dresses

Target 3/4 sleeve dresses  /   Modcloth 3/4 sleeve dresses  /  Lily Pulitzer 3/4 sleeve dresses


  1. LOL, your comment “Last year, I helped a woman find a purse to match to her dress that she
    planned on wearing to Easter mass. So basically I’m at expert at this.” = awesome! You’re totally an expert!!

    I like these options! I wish people would get more dressed up for holidays, its fun! We dress up for Christmas and for Easter. Depending on weather, I may wear my new mint chevron dress…it incorporates the pastels and the 3/4 sleeve options you have!

  2. I remember when I used to have to dress up for Easter as a kid. I’ve become much more of a jeans and a nice blouse kind of girl. Although, I do really like those lace and polka dot options a lot!

  3. I pretty much love all of these dresses. For easter, I usually just try to wear something bright and colorful. I don’t always wear a dress, but I’m thinking about it this year! If I WERE to wear one, it’d probably be one of those cute polka dot ones!

  4. Love the Easter dresses you picked here Rachel! I still like getting dressed up for holidays even though Im old now. This year I think it will be too cold for a dress so I’m leaning towards colored denim.

  5. I love the floral and 3/4 sleeve ones! I mean we go to church so it’s gotta be somewhat presentable so I lean towards the 3/4 sleeve but a cardigan can always fix a strapless dress! Great picks girlfriend.

  6. I’m definitely planning on wearing a dress this weekend! It’s supposed to be super warm (a total surprise) so I figure I should take full advantage of the sunny weather! I can’t possbily choose a favorite because I’m in love with each and everyone of your picks!

    xo jen

  7. I’m going to church with my boyfriend’s family for the first time on Easter so I’ve actually been wracking my brains to decide what’s appropriate to wear. My church never gets very dressed up. I think I’m going with some polka dots, I love the teal dress you picked! I actually have the perfect floral dress already in my closet, but it’s the bridesmaid dress for a wedding that hasn’t happened yet, so I guess I can’t break it out quite yet.

  8. I haven’t even thought about what I’m going to wear. Guess I better get to thinking! I love the polka dot and lace dresses. Those are gorgeous options!

  9. Those lacy numbers are my FAVE picks of the bunch…Not too sweet, but girly enough for a day of glam outings…Chic honey!

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