Spring Trend: Ruffles

ruffle trend


As a petite girl, I’ve always embraced clothing with ruffles. When placed around the neckline, it attracts a lot of attention to the- ahem- chest area, and when placed on other areas can give the illusion of curves. Ruffles are also add a romantic and feminine touch to any piece. You don’t have to go overboard with the trend (no one wants to look like a giant tiered wedding cake), so just stick to one ruffled piece per outfit. Here are a few of my favorites below.


 Dress  /  Top  /  Tank  /  Skirt  /  Swim top  /  Heels  /  Clutch


  1. I adore ruffles! If I’m shopping with my sister, I will pick out a top and say “i like that” and she will say “of course you do, it has ruffles!” That green bathing suit top is gorgeous! I’m digging that red tank, too.

  2. I used to not be so into ruffles, but this season I’m kind of feeling them! Great picks. Love all the colors, too.

  3. oooooo i Lovvvveeee Ruffles!!! Love these photos!!! Now I’m in the mood to wear ruffles today!

  4. Simply put, I love ruffles! I always have and I always will! I love the ruffle dresses in the photos and that adorable ruffle bikini top from J.Crew!

  5. If any items has ruffle detailing on it the chances that I purchase it lays with 100% hahaha, nothing more playful and chic at the same time.

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