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It’s no secret that bad grammar is one of my pet peeves. Sure, I occasionally will misspell a word or make a typo on my blog (I AM human after all), but there’s a fine line between a few mistakes and constantly using bad grammar. What bugs me the most is that we learned this stuff back in middle school, yet so many people in their 20’s and 30’s still don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Sigh. Here’s a small lesson I like to call “Grammar with Rachel”, which shows you how to properly use each of the words with a short sentence.

Lose vs. loose– “After you lose the weight, your pants will be loose on you.”

You’re vs yourYour terrible grammar makes me think you’re dumb.

Two, too and to- Two boyfriends is just too much for me to handle.

Their, there, they’re- There are people who use their job title to make us think they’re important (but they’re not).

What are your grammar or spelling pet peeves?


  1. English is actually my third language so I always proofread everything although I’m sure I’ve made some silly mistakes. I’m always careful with the obvious ones above.

  2. Haha, great grammar lesson. I tend to be more lenient about grammar on blogs, since it’s more of a casual setting, but after awhile it can be too much. I can’t stand it, though, when people say “irregardless”… it’s not a real word!

    1. I’m a bit more lenient too if it’s a fashion blog or something. But if you call yourself a writer (opposed to a blogger), you need to know your basics! 🙂

  3. OMG I feel like I have the worst grammar. I am constantly getting my bf to proof read everything. It’s horrible because I am a teacher and I am always reteaching myself things so I don’t screw up the kids!

  4. Haha, that someecard is hilarious! Yes, bad grammar is a pet peeve of mine. Of course mistakes slip through sometimes in posts, even when you proofread, but continuous misuse of the English language is totally unacceptable!

  5. Oh girl, I am WITH you on this one! I get annoyed when people have poor grammer, but I get livid when brands do! That’s why we need fabulous copywriters in this world!!

  6. Poor grammar is a pet peeve of mine. Lose/loose is one of my main ones. But I think the one that bothers me the most is the me vs. I issue. It’s like people forget that using “me” is sometimes correct. For example, “Would you like to come to the movies with Carol and I?” instead of “with Carol and me.” Drives me up a wall.

  7. lol, you’re too funny! I hate reading bad grammar but I find myself guilty, sometimes – oops :/

  8. Web site is another of my pet peeves, and this is getting a bit silly with it but the Internet and the Web are not the same thing so it really bothers me when people use one of these words when they really mean the other. Anyway, I agree… they’re, their, there is the one which bothers me the most. I don’t know why people can’t get it straight.

  9. THIS. All of it! When you live in a country where the common language is English, it’s really irritating and kind of sad that many adults don’t know proper grammar. It’s a pet peeve of mine so maybe I’m a little more sensitive when I write anything ever, but I feel like people should just know the difference!

  10. haahahhahah, love this!
    English is not my first language, portuguese is. And in portuguese I’m like…obsessive with grammar mistakes. I’m a little more tolerant now (when I was a kid I was really irritating with this) but it still gets on my nerves! Unfortunately, I don’t have the same level of proficiency in English and I might make a few mistakes myself (not the ones you mentioned though).

  11. ugh I wish you had read over a group paper I had to edit last week! it was horrendous! and the funny thing is… I’m not known as the grammar person. This was just that bad. (A semicolon was actually used in place of a few commas …and then in place of a real colon! What the hell is that!)

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