MAC Lipstick Dupes

mac lipstick dupes list

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my last makeup dupe post, I am bringing you another one! I got so many supportive comments and re-pins from the last one, that I hope you all enjoy this one as well.

Today’s post is focusing on a specific brand and product: MAC lipstick dupes. MAC is arguably the holy grail of department store makeup and are known for their large selection of lipstick shades- among many other things. I find MAC lipsticks to be a bit drying on my lips personally, but I do love the rich colors and lasting power. However, I’ve found that there are surprisingly so many similar shades and textures of lipsticks that are half of the price.

If it’s a shade you absolutely love and will use daily or weekly, I say go for it and splurge on the MAC. But if you’re testing the waters on new shades, will only wear the color seasonally, or simply just don’t want to shell out $15 or more for a lipstick, then try these dupes! It’s also great for those shades that are discontinued  out of stock, or you can’t find at your local MAC counter.

Here is a graphic to go along with the MAC lipstick dupes list I created. I tried to choose some of the more popular shades, since most people would be looking for less-expensive versions of those. Have you tried any of these MAC lipstick dupes?


mac lipstick dupes

MAC “Creme D’Nude” Lipstick‘s dupe is e.l.f. “Natural Nymph” Lipstick”

 MAC “Snob” Lipstick‘s dupe is Revlon “Pink Pout” Lipstick

MAC “Viva Glam Nicki” Lipstick‘s dupe is Wet & Wild “Pinkerbell” Lipstick

  MAC “Rebel” Lipstick‘s dupe is Wet & Wild “Sugar Plum Fairy” Lipstick

  MAC “Pink Nouveau” Lipstick‘s dupe is Revlon “Stormy Pink” Lipstick

  MAC “Girl About Town” Lipstick‘s dupe is Covergirl “Spellbound” Lipstick 

 MAC “Ravishing” Lipstick‘s dupe is Revlon “Smoked Peach” Lipstick

  MAC “Russian Red” Lipstick‘s dupe is Revlon “Really Red” Lipstick

  MAC “Shy Girl” Lipstick‘s dupe is Rimmel “Nude Delight” Lipstick


  1. I am going to totally check out that elf lipstick…it looks like the perfect nude and so cheap for 5 bucks!

  2. This really is a helpful post. I agree that while I love MAC I find it to be a bit drying on my lips. Some of the alternative brands you listed are definitely a bit more moisturizing from my experience. Now I know which colors would be close to my fave MAC Thanks!

  3. Rachel this is such a great post! I only own a couple lipsticks because I seem to gravitate to gloss more often but it’s good to know there are more budget friendly options for Mac Pink Nouveau and Snob because I love both of those!

  4. I love a dupe post! Definitely picking up Revlon’s “Really Red” next time I’m near Ulta or Target!

  5. Love these! I lost my MAC Russian Red at a bar (read: drunk) one night and literally wanted to die. But we had a tube of Revlon Really Red at work and now I’m obsessed.

    1. haah oh man that has happened to be before with chapstick. One time it went under the table but I was just too “lazy” to get it so I just left it there. Oops

  6. Love this series! So helpful. I totally agree with you that if it is your color that you always wear, splurge. MAC and NARS just have killer staying power, but if you aren’t sure how fushia is gonna suit you, this substitution list is perfection! LOVE !

  7. OOohhh Yes! I do love these posts. I’ve been wanting to branch out of my “only gloss” phase and actually get a lipstick. Thanks for these tips. PS. How do you make your collages?

  8. Great post with some lovely alternatives. I’m not buying lipsticks or glosses at the moment as I have so many but might have to make an exception!

  9. I love a good dupe! haha. I’m a slave to Sephora, so I am digging this! (With lipsticks, though, sometimes I feel like drugstore brands just aren’t creamy or long-lasting enough! (But for $3, I’m willing to give it a try!)

  10. I love the makeup dupes post! Although I’m not a huge fan of their lipsticks (they dry my lips out like crazy!), I love that you take the time to find cheaper alternatives.

  11. Oh, I love finding high end shades at drug store bargain prices. I own a few of those dupes already and will have to check out some of the others.

  12. I’m all about drugstore lipstick when it comes to trying bright colors especially – great alternatives here! I’ve actually never tried MAC lipstick!

  13. Noo freaking way girl! I am so glad you have brought this dupe list into my life lol I am so bookmarking this and referring to it for my next lipstick purchase!

  14. This is such a great idea! I hate buying lipstick at the drugstore because you can never test it out and I never know which color looks good on me. This guide will definitely come in handy.

    1. ok it sounds weird, but I usually do a Google image search of the lipstick shade before I buy it to see what it looks like on someone. Also, at Rite Aid and Walgreen and CVS you can return opened items for a full refund!

  15. Wow, such an extensive list! I don’t own anything MAC but would love to try some of the alternatives. My problem is lipstick never lasts as long as I want it to.

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