Chambray & Leopard

chambray shirt

Chambray shirt  /  Leopard jeans  /  Wedges  /  Black beaded necklace

I wore these leopard pants back in the fall, but haven’t really worn them much since. Which is weird because I really like them and they actually fit me (which is almost impossible when it comes to jeans!) Since they are a statement all on their own, I like to keep it simple up on top. A basic chambray shirt does the trick, as always! I paired this outfit with black accessories to balance out the light blue and gray shades. The next step? Wearing these pants with some color on top! What shades do you guys think would go well with the leopard pants? I want to break out from my typical black/white/gray combos.

leopard jeans

chambray outfit

target chambray


  1. Cute! Maybe try a mint top with them? The grey/black in them is like a neutral so you could really add anything!

  2. You look so cute! I think you could wear the leopard pants with a lot of colors… red, coral, hot pink, emerald green, etc.

  3. The chambray is such an easy go to. I would definitely fall into the chambray/black/grey routine but there has to be other options! Those pants fit you really well!

  4. Love these jeans, such a good balance of statement without being too loud! I would pair a mint top with them. But as everyone else said there are so many possibilities, these are pretty much a neutral!

  5. Those jeans are so much fun. I’m pretty boring when it comes to clothing so I’d probably pair it with a black shirt just because it’s easy. Haha. You look great and I like the chambray with it!

  6. I love the chambray + leopard combo! Because the jeans are grey, I think you could get away with wearing any color top. Red, cobalt, mint, or fuchsia would look amazing paired with them!

  7. teach me your ways with the curling iron! love your hair… and the outfit! rawr!

  8. I completely agree – those statement pants look best paired with something simple. I love how you styled this!

  9. I’m not daring enough to go for color on top of leopard pants, BUT i love the chambray with it!

  10. Stop being so pretty!!! 🙂 No really….you always look so flawless…and you need to wear these pants more often! LOVE!

  11. Chambray shirts are so versatile. Lately I’ve seen some ombre chambray shirts that are super cute! Those leopard pants look great on you!

  12. I love how you toned the rest of your outfit down so those pants can steal the show. You look so cute! Annnnnd ummmm can I please have your hair? I’m obsessed!

  13. Ooh I’m stumped there! I love how you paired it with the chambray! Red came to mind, but it might be too rawr/bold lol. You could definitely play with shades of blue or even certain shades of yellows/olive green? Sorry, I’m of no help.

  14. Chambray is such a good choice! I don’t think I’ve ever seen the too paired together before. For colors, I love turquoise and leopard together!

  15. Rachel, I really love this Combo and chambray Looks great with anything. What I love to pair is Leopard with anything red, like red heels if you have sth like that and a red Blazer would look super sweet. Also a cobalt blue blouse would look very elegant with this pattern. Let me know what you think or better just put those things on and take pics hehehe 😉

    1. And even the pink shade of your lips would look good with Leopard, do you have a Shirt or Blazer in that colour? 🙂 what I forgot, These pantes fit you like a glove usually the other ones you wear are slightly too big 🙂

  16. I love those pants! And I think they would look great with any shade of yellow top. Coral would look great with them too. Or purple. And I know what you mean about jeans actually fitting. I have such a hard time finding jeans that actually fit me.

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