1. Naturally, I loved the Valentino’s before even realizing they were, in fact, Valentino’s. Ugh. Champagne taste, Beer wallet.

  2. Super cute bow sandals! I just bought my first pair of bow sandals (actually my first pair period) and I got some cute Seychelles ones for 30 bucks on Amazon. Score!

    1. Yes! These ones are kind of expensive (mainly because I just was to excited picking ones I liked instead of looking at the price), but if I buy some in real-life they will be cheaper!

  3. I didn’t even realize bow sandals were such a “trend” right now! The yellow pair is adorable!

  4. Jelly sandals are really big in London right now! I love them, they remind me of being younger and they’re so comfy! The bows make them extra sweet!

  5. I am a sucker for anything with bows and those red Valentinos have been on my wish list! I hate spending that much on sandals though so will probably end up with a knockoff haha!

  6. Two is my favorite. They’re such a fun color. I love bows on shoes (and bows on most other things)

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