Pineapple Clothing & Accessories

My favorite fruit (other than lemons) has to be pineapple. I not only love the fruit itself, but always pick the flavor from a line up. That is unless there is a cherry flavor option, because we all know cherry candy/medicine is the best. I also just like the way they look- I think they’re “cute”. Weird, I know. But after seeing so many pineapple print bathing suits and accessories this season, it’s safe to say I’m not alone.


pineapple clothing

Pineapple print cover up  /  Pineapple stud gold earrings  /  Pineapple print bathing suit   /  Pineapple straw tote  /  Pineapple iPhone case  /  Pineapple tank  /  Pineapple necklace  /  Pineapple socks



  1. Pineapples are for sure cute! My sister in law and one of my cousins both LOVE them and have whole rooms of their house decorated in a pineapple theme!

  2. I love your collection of pineapple pieces! I am a little obsessed with pineapple. I juice every morning and I always add some to my green juice. And because of you I now want a pineapple dress! Have a wonderful weekend ♥

  3. pineapples are the new fox! i love all of these things, but i think i need that tank. also, do they make pineapple flavored medicine, because they should!

  4. Lemons as a favorite fruit? I hope you don’t eat them plain. 😉 I do love me some lemonade.

    Fruit in fashion is so fun and unexpected.

  5. I love pineapples for pina coladaass! Hahaha, but seriously, those earrings are too cute and that straw bag would be the perfect beach bag!

  6. Amazing! Not only are pineapple delicious and sweet, they make the cutest print! Love the pineapple studs and that beach bag! Adorable!

  7. This is so funny! I had a post planned about the sameee thing, that included a few of the same items. Pineapple print is my all time favorite right now. I actually just purchased a pineapple print dress recently. There is something about it!

  8. Hehehe I love the fresh variety not the artificial kind though but prints, I think I can do prints! Especially in dress form, thanks for sharing these amazing finds

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