Benefit’s Benetint Review

benetint swatch

I’m a huge fan of all the Benefit products I’ve tried, and if I had a larger bank account, I would own every single one. During an impromptu trip to Sephora, I decided to finally pick up Benetint, the rosy cheek and lip stain. Products that serve double-duty are always a-ok in my book, since you’re getting double the use out of them. I was excited to finally try out this best-seller.

benetint stain

benefit benetint

The packaging and container is similar to High Beam, which I reviewed a while back here. I love the nail polish-like applicator- it deposits just the right amount of color and is easy to apply. The consistency is rather thin, but very tinted. You can either dot the color and then blend, or draw a thin line and then blend (I prefer to draw the line for an even coverage). I find that I need to apply the product twice to get a real nice flush of color. It adds a rosy pinkish-red tint to my cheeks and lips that isn’t too bold or too subtle. I prefer using it on my cheeks, but the lip tint is nice when I’m in a rush.

As far as lasting power, I usually apply a few coats so it lasts all day. The bottle is small enough to carry in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day, though. The best part is that this stuff will last you forever. The bottle may appear small for $30, but it will last you a year minimum- more than likely for 2 or 3 years. I justify the price being decent because of this.

Have you tried the infamous Benetint? Any thoughts? If you prefer watching a video (and to learn how to apply the stain or make fun of my accent), you can watch the video below. And if I’ve convinced you to make the splurge, you can buy it here at Sephora!

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  1. I have been debating trying this, but was nervous about it being liquid. I might have to try it now.

  2. I LOVE Benetint! I tried it a couple of years ago and I have never looked back. I sometimes use a brush instead of my fingers to blend it in because it can stain my fingers all day… but other than that it’s the best. A rosy glow all day!

  3. This Benetint looks fabulous on you! It’s so natural looking and seems easy to apply! I may just have to give it a shot – thanks for the review!

  4. YES! I LOVE IT! I actually have it on right now! I use it almost everyday. It helps on mornings like this morning where I am dragging and I kind of look like a ghost, just an extra bit on my blush and a little bit on my lips, bam! I look alive. I love this stuff and was lucky enough to get it as a free gift from Sephora, for a birthday gift or something like that! But I will be buying it again. It has lasted me a full year, so I think it is worth the price! πŸ™‚

        1. haha we were at the mall and I said I just wanted to browse Sephora (ugh) and then he’s like “pick out one thing and I’ll buy it for you”. Which is impossible since there’s so much πŸ™‚

  5. I recently tried my first Benefit product, the They’re Real mascara, and I do love it. I might have to try out their tints too! Otherwise I’m pretty devoted to MAC.

  6. I was always scared of Benetint before… I guess I thought it’d be too concentrated? You’ve convinced me otherwise! It looks like it gives such a lovely glow and the color isn’t over the top. I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  7. I like Benetint but I think I lean more towards the stains with a more gel-like texture. Benetint is definitely a good one though, and it really lasts!

  8. Rats! Your video won’t work me. πŸ™ BUT I have heard great things about this product. I have been wanting to try it myself…maybe I just will if it lasts that long! You look gorg per the usual! πŸ™‚

  9. Very cool, the application seemed daunting til I watched your video, now I definitely think I need to look into getting it πŸ™‚

  10. I’ve been tempted to get this for awhile! It looks great on your fair skin! Maybe I should just cave in and get it! New follower here!

    1. I’m pretty pale, too! I just apply a little at first and then wait and see how the color stains/sits. Then I add more if needed. It could be your skin type or coloring or maybe you just didn’t like it? Or maybe someone did hit you hard in the cheek πŸ˜‰

  11. i love all things benefit. they are such an awesome company. my favorite is their maybe baby perfume. the benetint looks awesome on you rachel

  12. you are so stunning! and i looooove th ebenefit products. i have benetint in the pink color, it works so well!

  13. I’m convinced. I’ve been a little less than satisfied with my current blush/cheek stain, so I’m definitely going to pick this up over the weekend. You have such a lovely and flawless complexion! Let’s hope the stain looks as good on my as it does you!

    1. Thank you so much April! I know they make smaller bottles, too if you’re worried about not liking it. Also, try it out in the store to make sure you like the color! That’s what I did

  14. I love Benefits products as well. I have tried their cheek stain in the past and thought it worked really well. I never use powder blush anymore. Always a stain or a cream blush. Looks great on you!

  15. LIVE for this cheek stain, and you’re right it last for freaking EVER! I love using it under blush and under lipstick since red lips can fade so fast. Loved the video as well! You’re a natural!

  16. Rachel! You are absolutely stunning! Seriously, lady!! I have wanted to try this product for quite some time and think I may just have to splurge after seeing how fantastic it looks on you! I am loving that you are breaking into YouTube! I’ve thought about it for years and have always been a little nervous about it! I’m thinking this summer I might give it a shot:)

  17. So. I’ve tried Benetint. And High Beam. And Posey Tint. And I can’t necessarily get on board with either haha. Cream/liquid blushes/cheek stains always make me look weird. Maybe I don’t apply them right. And then they’re weird on my lips. Like they don’t belong. High beam was tooo sparkly for me. Sorry for being such a complainer hahaha

  18. Great video and review! It looks really good on you, so maybe I need to try it. I have been searching for a blush that lasts longer than 2 hours, but plopping down $30 is a lot…

  19. The color looks great on you!! Cream blushes and stains don’t seem to work on my skin very well, but I wish they did because they stay on better!

  20. The color looks amazing on you. I have been looking all over the place for this but it is always sold out here.

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