How Writing and Singing are Similar

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If there’s one talent I wish I had, it would be being able to sing. I mean I’ve never actually tried to sing, mainly because I already know I’m terrible at it and can’t hit notes. Just ask my boyfriend, who has listened to me butcher practically ever song I know the words to while driving. I love music, and think it would be awesome to get to be on stage and express that to others through my voice.

But no, I am not a singer. I am, however a writer. I think I have some sort of talent for writing, seeing as I have been hired for various jobs based upon it. It’s what I sort of went to college for, what I do during my 9-to-5 job, and it’s something I often do even in my free time. It’s one of those things that people tell me I’m good at- and that feels awesome. I imagine that’s how singers must feel. This brings me to the topic of similarities between singing and writing.

Both are hard to make a career out of

Let’s face it, not many people make it in the music business. Everyone who is the all-star in their high school’s chorus thinks they will win American Idol and magically become the next Kelly Clarkson. But let’s be real, the music industry is extremely hard to break into. There are millions of talented singers who simply don’t have the time, money or connections to make a career out of it. Most popular singers these days (as in ones who actually make money, since there are tons of really talented bands that never will be on the radio) are famous because of 1 of 3 reasons; 1. They are the relative of someone famous, 2. They were already famous for acting or modeling and decided to start singing because why the hell not?, or 3. They got lucky and somehow their demo was listened to over the thousands of others piling up.

The same goes for being a writer. The state of print journalism is dying, and finding a job for any online publication is pretty much impossible unless you know someone. If you do snag a job, your pay is terrible and the hours are long. In terms of creative writing- good luck. Sure, Madonna can write a best-selling children’s book, but good luck getting that gig as an average Joe.

Both need proper training

Although there’s the rare cases, most singers need proper training to truly use their voice to the fullest potential. It’s pretty crazy to think that there are all these breathing techniques to help you hit certain notes. Who knew? And obviously you need to know all about pitch, tone, and timing when singing. The same goes for writing. You can’t be a good writer without having proper grammar and spelling.

Both are something people think they’re good at, but really aren’t

If you’ve ever watched the auditions on American Idol, then you know what I’m referring to. A lot of people somehow think they are excellent singers. Whether they’re delusional or have family members that are a little too supportive, something is giving them the confidence boost to belt out their favorite song.

Writing is the same. Some people think they are good writers when really they aren’t. Writing (or the English language) doesn’t come easy for everyone. Just like science doesn’t come easy to me. I could never work in that field, so I don’t try to.

Both are forms of personal expression

Have you ever cried while listening to a song? Or watched a singer cry as they perform? Songwriting and singing are a great way for people to get their feelings out.

The same goes for writing. I write about things I love and things I hate. I write about bad experiences I’ve been through as well as the best ones. Writing is a way for me to get my feelings off my chest and to help others who may be going through the same thing or need some guidance.

Practice makes perfect

Do you want to know how I got better at writing over the years? I practiced. I wrote papers, personal pieces, pieces for my school’s newspaper, etc. Since I graduated college and started working, I have a huge portfolio of different pieces of writing. Some are from catalogs, websites, press releases, magazine articles, blog posts and more. The same goes for singing. I would imagine.


  1. Singing is definitely one of those talents I wish I had as well. Oh well. I’ll continue being my own personal superstar while driving in my car.

  2. If I could be anything in the world, it would be a country music singer…unfortunately I cannot carry a tune whatsoever either 🙂 Writing is definitely an awesome way to express yourself, and I think you do it very well from what I’ve read 🙂

  3. Rachel I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS THE OTHER DAY. Everyone at my job thinks they are a good writer. And I’m not going to lie, some of them are pretty good, sales or engineers, but most just don’t write well at all, but they think they do. Sorry I just get upset because I’m like I’m pretty sure if I really wanted to, I could do your job too, I could have gone into engineering or sales, but I chose to stick to my best talent and I think you should do the same! 😉 But le sigh, I love writing, but I think it is always going to something I just enjoy for myself. To get ahead here… I have to look into other options!

    1. Stop. It. Sometimes it freaks me out how much we have in common and that we think of things the other thinks about. It must be a Rachel thing…

      As far as writing, your blog is a great platform! No matter what field you work in for your day job, you always have your blog to show your writing skills, too! That’s how I see it anyway

      1. LOL It must be a Rachel thing 🙂 And for sure, I am so glad I have the blog for that purpose and thanks to you I have ventured into more lifestyle/writing posts rather than just outfit or beauty posts! Thank you for that, I really enjoy it!

  4. Love this comparison! You’re right, writing and singing have a ton in common. You should definitely write a book, I’ll read it!

  5. I was lucky enough to get published with 24 other writers (the book is on Amazon, woot!) and would love to have something published again, on my own, but I am my worst critic. I have hardcore OCD and if I write about my personal feelings, I will go over it again and again until I’ve butchered everything. With that being said, there are some publishers out there that WANT your personal experiences that aren’t perfect– you just have to find them 🙂

  6. Sometimes I pretend that I’m really good at singing. And I make my husband tell me that I am and that if I was on The Voice, I’d win. Make-believe is fun. 🙂

  7. Interesting comparison! I really wanted to be a pop-star when I was younger haha but that’s never happening. I love karaoke though 🙂

  8. Both are something people think they are good at, but really aren’t. – haha I died a little reading this. It’s sad, but so true!

  9. Wow, so true. Singing is the one talent I wish I had. Heck I’d take it over having a super power. But writing is something I think I could definitely pull off. Or I should say could improve upon significantly!

  10. I always wished I could sing too! I love karaoke but i cannot sing at all. One thing I would say is that to some extent I think you are either born to sing or not. Like, nothing in the world could probably make me a good singer whereas with writing I think you could probably develop into a good writer. I love writing too. I like to think I’m good at it too but hopefully I actually am and don’t just think I am. I’d love to be a published writer. Working on it!

  11. First of all, your photo to preface this story is epic. Second, I could not agree more. I think you rae an awesome writer. It is hard for a lot of people to convey their true thought or their streams of consciousness into words… I LOVE writing. Don’t know if I am especially good at it but I enjoy it.

  12. I wish I was good at either one, but if I could pick one talent…it would definitely be able to sing. And you are an amazing writer!!!

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