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I know that I can complain about my hair a lot (although doesn’t everyone do that?), but one thing I’ve learned to love and embrace is my natural hair. My out-of-the-shower, air dried hair is beachy waves. Sure, it takes a little product, a LOT of time to dry and some frizz maintenance to get it that way, but I’m pretty lucky. Many women covet the unruly, undone and beachy-chic waves that only mermaids and surfer girls seem to get right. It helps if you have a bit of natural curl in your hair, but everyone can easily achieve beachy waves with a few products and pointers.


beach waves

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray– This product is a fan-favorite for many reasons. It adds volume to limp hair and has a matte finish. The non-sticky formula and easy-to-use bottle are great selling points, too.

Alterna Summer Hair Ocean Waves Texturizing Spray– The bottle of this lightweight spray is enough to make you want to hit the beach. Not only does it provide your hair with a beachy texture, but it also protects your hair from fading in the sun.

Sachajuan Ocean Mist– This product is a leave-in styler that tousles waves for the perfect wavy texture. You can use it on hair that’s clean or dirty and wet or dry. Pretty versatile if I do say so myself.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray– I’ve heard great things about this brand, so even though I haven’t personally tried this product, I can imagine it works well. It boasts “volume and sexy texture”, and who doesn’t want that? With ingredients like ginger root extract derived from Hawaiian white ginger (which is said to promote circulation, add shine and soften hair), you can’t go wrong.

Organix Moroccan Surf Paste– Organix is one of my new favorite drugstore brands. I love their shampoos and blow-drying cremes. This fun surf paste is great for piece-y waves and will keep them separated and provide a long-lasting hold. With the added bonus of Moroccan oil, you know this will be great for your hair.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturing Sea Salt Spray– This is a personal favorite of mine. The smell is amazing. I would spray this stuff on my hair just for the smell alone! It provides a nice wave to my hair and actually helps to eliminate frizz. And did I mention the amazing smell? Oh, I did.

Fekkai ‘Summer Hair™ Beach Waves’ Spray- This product is constantly sold-out in various stores due to it’s popularity (although Ulta does a great job of keeping it in stock it seems!) The best way to describe this product is “refreshing”- the light mist is pleasant and super easy to use.

Biosilk Beach Texture– Infused with luxurious silk, this texture spray strengthens hair and adds moisture in addition to providing a nice wave. As an added bonus, it helps protect your locks from the sun.

L’Oreal Everstyle Texture Series Beach Waves Spray– As a huge fan of L’Oreal beauty products, I hope that this spray holds up to their standards. I haven’t had the chance to try it out myself yet, but this alcohol-free formula is supposed to provide texture for 24 hours.

Josie Maran Bohemian Waves Argan Hair Mist Texture Volume & Moisture– This lovely spray is formulated without any harmful chemicals, so it’s great for your hair. For soft-to-the-touch waves, this is your product.

What are your favorite products to get beachy hair?


  1. Honestly, I had no idea this stuff existed. I just recently bought hair mask.. my hair is so soft and divine now! I’m going to have to check these products out for something different!

  2. This is my dream hairstyle. But my naturally curly hair just gets frizzy and wayyy too curly when I try it. Bummer!

  3. My hair is really thick and only slightly wavy (when wet). I don’t need anything that adds volume because my hair does that all on its own, and it gets frizzy easily. Which one do you think is the best one for me to try? Thanks! 🙂

  4. I found a product that I love at Sally, I can’t remember what it’s called but it is about $11 and seems to do the trick! I am always looking for something new though too 🙂 This surf paste sounds interesting!

  5. I’ve been wanting to try the Not Your Mother’s spray. My natural hair has the tiniest bit of wave so I’m hoping somehow I can magically get the beachy look.

  6. I’ve heard great things about the Not Your Mother’s spray. I had to stop using the Bumble & Bumble one because it made my hair look crazy frizzy. Still searching for the right one for my hair!

  7. I love bumble & bumble surf spray…I use it almost every day before work! The only thing is, I don’t like the smell! I’ve gotten used to it over time but I’m starting to want to try something that smells a little better. I may need to try the Not Your Mother’s spray!

  8. I love beachy hair but have never tried using any product to achieve the look when I’m away from the beach! I can’t wait to give one of these sprays a try this summer!

  9. Ill have to try your favorite, it’s such a great price too. My hair is alway wavy, if I could tame it with this product I might be sporting sme new non frizzy beach hair 🙂

  10. I have many Josie Maran products because they are natural and do not test on animals. Her boho waves product is amazing! Her pure Moroccan argan oil is also fantastic for hair, skin, and nails.

  11. I’m the same way, my hair is naturally wavy/curly and everyone loves it, while I only see it as a frizzy mess on its best day. I guess I should embrace the waves though and maybe take some time to try and tame the frizz. Definitly going to check out some of these products.

  12. Like you I have natural curl to my hair, so I LOVE letting it air dry into waves (especially when I’m feeling lazy, which is pretty often). I typically just put on anti-frizz, but I need to give one of these a try!

  13. Um ok what. I have never heard of ANY of these products. Am I living under a rock?! 😉 I just got a gift of a bunch of Sephora goodies from a parent/student, and it included a mini Bumble & Bumble surf set – I’ll have to let you know how that works once I use it!

  14. Are we hair twins? Because my hair does the beachy wavy thing if left to it’s own devices post-shower. 🙂

    Love the product list- I’m always on the hunt for the next best salt spray or wave enhancer. 🙂 And yummy-smelling is a MUST, so thank you!

  15. I’m always looking for more beachy sprays and these all look fantastic! I’ll definitely be giving some of these a try! Great post

  16. I need to embrace my messy out of shower waves! I usually blow dry them out but when my hair drys naturally it looks pretty beachy!

  17. I haven’t tried the new Fekkai spray, but they used to make one 6 or so years ago that was A-MAZING. And it smelled like coconuts. Then they discontinued it.


    I think I may try the Organix surf paste since I love that line. Great roundup!

  18. I need to try that Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe. I saw it at Target last week and if it eliminates frizz i’m in!

    1. it works well with frizz for me at least, but you could always apply it with a frizz serum, too! it’s pretty lightweight so it shouldn’t weigh your hair down

  19. the girl’s hair in this photo is just too perfect. that beach paste looks really interesting, i may have to try that!

  20. Hi! Thanks for the tips. As I read your description of your own hair when air dried it sounds exactly like mine! I’m wondering what “product” you use yourself and what frizz control you use. I’d appreciate the advice because if I air dry without a blow dry my hair is “beachy-ish” but needs some sort of control but I don’t know what to try!
    Thanks in advance 🙂

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