My Celebrity Doppelgangers

Most of us mortals wish we looked like celebrities. I would give anything to be confused for Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale or Mila Kunis. Unfortunately, that will never happen. While I don’t ever get mistaken for a celebrity, I do quite often get strangers telling me which celebrity they think I look like.

I remember back in high school or my early college days, there was this website that would give you 5 or so of your celebrity look-a-likes. Sure, it wasn’t completely accurate (my white female friend got Wayne Brady as one of hers), but it was still fun to do. Now with the popularity of the iPhone, there are a variety of apps that will do this for you. My personal favorite is “aLike”, which produced the following hilarious results for my brother.

celebrity lookalike

But enough about who a computer or phone tells us we look like, let’s move onto who actual humans think we look like. Here are some of my celebrity doppelgangers according to the general public.


julia roberts blonde

Julia Roberts

The “pretty woman” herself is the celebrity that I get told I resemble the most. Ever since I was probably 13, my grandmother had told me this. When I would go to visit her, she would always buy those gossip magazines (Star, InTouch, US Weekly) and tell me “Rachel, you’re on the cover!” when Julia would appear on the magazine. When I started waitressing around 16, customers constantly told me I looked like her- and this was while my hair was in a ponytail and I wore no makeup. A friend from high school has me in his phone as “Pretty Woman”, in ode to Julia’s famous movie. Working at the deli from ages 19 to 22 was where I got the most “You look like Julia Roberts” comments.


natalie portman hair

Natalie Portman

A classmate in high school told me how much she reminded him of me after he saw “Garden State”. He said it was our looks, but also how she liked music. Then one time at the mall, I went with my mom to get her wedding ring inspected and cleaned, and the woman behind the counter told me how much I looked like her- and how great of a thing it was. I am very flattered by this comparison and wish I looked like Natalie.


olivia palermo

Olivia Palermo

As a fan of the old-school show “The City” and a huge lover of her style, being compared to Olivia Palermo makes me blush in the best way possible. I’ve posted about her before many times on my blog and my Pinterest account is full of outfit inspirations from her, so when three fellow bloggers all told me I resembled her, I had to include it on this list.


emma watson curly

Emma Watson

My longtime friend Tom has always called me “Hermione” jokingly. Again, we shared a similar hair color and curliness, so maybe that was it. I wouldn’t mind having her paycheck, but I certainly couldn’t pull off her pixie hairdo.


lana del rey lookalike

Lana Del Rey

Back when I wrote a blog post about how to get Lana’s hair and makeup, I got a few comments from my readers telling me that I reminded them of her. I WISH!

Which celebrity do you think I look like most? And what celebrity do people tell you that you resemble?


  1. I see the Julia a little bit, but I see more of Natalie Portman. Love this post, so fun! Your brother looking like KK is hilarious!


  2. I think you most resemble a mix of Julia Roberts and Olivia Palermo – a pretty great combination! 😉 When I was in high school people used to tell me all the time that I looked like Britney Spears. Random people would just come up to me super-excitedly… While it was a comparison I liked back then, I don’t think we look very much alike anymore!

    1. Thanks! haha Britney Spears was a huge compliment back in the day. But you’re right- now, not so much. She was a completely different Britney back then 🙂

  3. I see a lot of Natalie in you! I’m always told I have the same mouth mechanisms as Reese Witherspoon? Also my friends call me Kristin Stewart – joy.

  4. you totally look like natalie portman to me!! and what a gorgeous woman to resemble 🙂 people tell me i look like miley cyrus (when she had longer hair with highlights) and i’ve also been told i look like brittany murphy and amanda bynes (before one passed and the other went nuts…) there seems to be a scary trend here – let’s find a celeb with a normal life that i look like, please! ha!

    1. aw thanks! haha that’s so funny that the celebs they think you look like are all nuts! But Amanda Bynes used to be really pretty (before her crazy piercings and wigs) so it’s a good thing!

  5. I think you look most like Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts! I definitely see a resemblance in some way or another between you and all the celebs listed though!

  6. Well, I definitely think you resemble a lot of these, especially Julia and Olivia Palermo! (AND SHE IS MY HUGE STYLE ICON such a compliment!) AKA you are a hottie! 🙂 Recently I’ve been told most that I look like Kate Middleton, which is a compliment because I think she’s gorgeous. Although when I told my boyfriend that he goes “too bad it wasn’t Kate Upton… OH MEN. :-p

    1. aw thanks! haha you DO remind me of Kate Middelton actually now that you’ve said it! The Kate Upton part made me laugh. My boyfriend met her at a basketball game once… ay yi yi

  7. People tell me I look like a mini Julia Roberts too! I’ve also been told I look like the Olsen twins (I got that more when I was blonde) and Rachel Bilson.

  8. How fun! I think you look most like Olivia! I never really looked like any of the celebrities until Emily Maynard, now I get that one all the time!

  9. You definitely resemble all those women…so fun! I’ve been told I look like Mariah Carey a lot…which totally weirds me out 🙂

  10. I can see a resemblance with all these celebrities! How funny. When Secret Life of the American Teenager first aired on ABC Family, people constantly told me a look exactly like Shailene Woodley. Sometimes I can see it 🙂

  11. I can totally understand the resemblance, especially with the eyes and the smile, so pretty 🙂 I used to get Marisa Tomei a lot.

  12. Definitely Olivia! Ugh I have gotten Hilary Swank and I am not super happy about that.. This one lady said she almost started hyperventilating when she saw me across the room bc she though I was her. Oh and I get Anne Hathaway. Barf! xo

  13. I can totally see the Natalie Portman resemblance!! You lucky girl. She’s gorg! I get J.Lo all of the time, makes me laugh. Too bad I don’t have a booty like hers:) Or her bank account.

  14. Celebrity doppelgängers are always loads of fun. I can definitely see Olivia Palermo and I also think you remind me of Jana Kramer. She was on One Tree Hill and has a country album, random. She’s stunning.

    I always get Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Amy Acker. All brunettes with interesting noses. lol. Although for a while after “The Devil Wears Prada” I was rocking the same bangs and dark color as Anne and I could sorta see a resemblance. Def wouldn’t mind her career. lol.

  15. I can totally see you as a younger Julia Roberts! I used to get Claire Danes all the time…SO random because that is no where near accurate! I am laughing so hard at the Kim K look alike picture! haha!

  16. I get Winona Ryder all the time. I don’t see it. I do think you look like Olivia Palermo, though.

  17. I can definitely see the Julia Roberts and Olivia Palermo similarities! I don’t really look like any current celebrities, but Thora Birch circa Hocus Pocus is my absolute doppelganger. It’s too bad I don’t still look like her!

  18. I can see the Lana. When I was blonde, I got Sarah Michelle Gellar and now that I’m brunette I get Anne Hathaway. Fun post!

  19. I definitely see Julia Roberts! When I was younger, I was told I looked like Keri Russell (back when my hair was ultra short and so was hers). Then as I got older, I was told Kate Hudson. And now, recently, Katie Holmes. Definitely don’t see that one but it’s fun, nonetheless!

  20. Dying over your brother as Kim K! You definitely look like Julia Roberts! I get told I look like Leighton Meester..Def my favorite compliment, haha,

  21. Your brother is obviously Kim K’s twin. You do look like Julia! I am told that I look like Taylor Swift a LOT, though I don’t really see it. I’ve also gotten Avril Lavigne a few times.

  22. 1. That aLike app kills me. It ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tells me I look like “Madeline Stowe.” (Yeah, I had no clue who she was either.) It often says Amber Tamblyn, too, whom I don’t think I look like AT ALL. It’s also told me I look like Beyonce, Paris Hilton, and MOBY. Thanks, aLike.
    2. I vote Natalie Portman for you, for sure!
    3. I most frequently get: Lauren Conrad. I used to get Hayden Panettiere a lot. And when I was in high school and people actually knew whom she was, I got Christine Taylor a lot.
    Also, once someone told me I looked like Melissa Etheridge, which I did not take as a compliment.

  23. You are kind of a mix of Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman & Lana Del Rey. Three beautiful women! I’ve been told I look like Hilary Swank & Kate Beckinsale.

  24. OMG…. I’ve gotten julia roberts countless times, Natalie Portman (people are always telling me that i look like amidala from star wars lol), and i’ve gotten emma watson…
    My mom was told she looked like julia roberts in the 80s.. she said that right after pretty woman came out, a lady came out of the movie theaters, then saw my mom and yelled “PRETTY WOMAN! You look like the girl from Pretty woman!!!”
    cool post and you look alot like julia!
    btw im 17, almost 18

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