Home Decor Inspiration: The Gray Couch

gray sofa

When it comes to choosing a color of a couch, I tend to stay on the neutral side. Sure,  a bright pink couch might be fun for a single woman or a 13-year-old girl, but not so much for my upcoming move with my boyfriend. While we haven’t entirely decided on the color of our couch (or color of the slipcovers if we end up inheriting his parent’s old couches), I’m assuming it will be some sort of a neutral.

Neutral sofas are a great starting point of the room. You can bring it tons of colors in other elements, such as wall art, decor items and accent pillows. While pinning some photos for my apartment inspiration, I came across this photo of a room styled around a gray couch and fell in love. It’s simple and gender-neutral (for the most part), but has fun pops of color and details throughout.

To offset the neutral couch, add fun colored pillows. A patterned rug in the fun chevron print makes the room appear larger. Add a detailed chair and a shaped mirror for accent pieces. Here’s how to get the look for yourself.

gray living room(1)  Gray Microfiber Sofa  (2)  Solid Orange Pillow  (3)  Jonathan Adler Katie Square Decorative Pillow  (4)  Jonathan Adler Charlotte Euro Pillow  (5)  Chevron Zig Zag Rug  (6)  Anthropologie Carved Anemone Vase   (7)  Black Table with Black Glass  (8)  Spider Back Accent Chair  (9)  Black and White Dotted Pillow  (10)  Black Mirror


  1. Yea it’s better to keep the sofa neutral then you have more room to be creative with the rest of the living room. I personally love white couches, but that can be a disaster lol.

  2. We are in desperate need of a new couch at our place. Gray would be perfect since it’s neutral but dark enough to hide a little dirt from puppy paws!

  3. We just got a new couch in a dark, forest-y green. I love that it has color yet it still goes with everything!

  4. That would be a super chic couch! I am so ready to move out of this apartment because I think we are going to start from scratch on home decor 🙂 Of course aside from our big items! I’m just ready for a change! 🙂

  5. I love having colorful accessories but a more neutral colors sofa. That way you can easily switch out colors if you get sick of them! I want all of those pillows and rug… and that mirror!

  6. love the inspiration photo! i think that totally works for a couple – you can add such fun, bright pillows and decorations! i love the mirror you chose – totally pinning that for my new place too 🙂

  7. I have a grey couch in my apartment. I chose it because I like neutral, didn’t trust myself with white, and thought black would be to harsh for the look I was going for! I LOVE the rugs/apartment decor from Urban Outfitters, they have the quirkiest things.

  8. Great post and ideas. I loved looking and reading through your blog. It’s filled with great ideas.

  9. We have a brown leather couch. That color was picked solely on the fact that our dogs have tan fur and you wouldn’t be able to see the dog hair as easily 🙂

  10. I’m all about neutrals when it comes to home decor with pops of color through accessories, or in our case its mostly the artwork on our walls. We’re in the market for a new couch though and I really want a grey one!

  11. Grey would be a great color for a couch! My boyfriend bought our couch before I moved out to New Jersey and he picked black!! It’s just too dark in the room. I’ve wanted to get slipcovers for it, but honestly couldn’t think of a good color…. now I’m definitely thinking about grey

  12. First of all, gray couch = I’m in love.

    And I’ve had to employ this type of decorating (sticking with neutral bigger pieces and keeping the girly accents smallish) after my husband and I bought our house. 🙂

      1. Yes… Another con: they’re forever leaving their shoes everywhere. Lance just kicks his off and they lie there until I pick them up or he goes to put them on again. BOYS. 😉

  13. Love gray couches but our apartment is all brown (carpet, walls etc) so we have white couches. It has a similar feel though!

  14. I agree that is always best to go with a neutral couch. Then you can jazz it up with pillows and throws. Its so much fun to decorate you’re own place! Enjoy every minute of it!

  15. Love your inspiration!! We had a great couch at our last place and for a couple of months in the new house and we did the same thing – brightened it up! I love those pillows!!!!

  16. love the inspiration! tip: don’t buy any decor until you see the place with your own eyes because our place was a peachy-cream color (bf told me it was white!) and it totally threw off my decor plans, haha.

  17. I think neutral couches are the way to go, especially with accent pillows! Love the ones you chose!

  18. I love the gray couch! I usually like white or cream, but gray looks really good. So easy to add pops of color (not to mention it would be easier to keep clean than white/cream).

  19. Love the idea of neutrals for larger pieces that way you can change up throws, etc. whenever you want!

  20. I’m with you on the neutral couch, when my boyfriend and I were looking for a couch that’s what we went for too. It keeps the room from getting too masculine/feminine and is easy to switch up with accessories.

  21. I really love how the grey lets the other accessories pop, yet it’s more fun than a tan/beige one. Ideally, I’ve love a white couch, but that’s probably not the smartest idea. But grey is definitely doable!

  22. Um, is there anything that you are not talented at? I mean fashion, beauty, writing…and now home decor inspiration???? I love what you put together for us!!

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