Things People Assume About Me

If there’s one thing that makes me laugh, smile or sometimes blow smoke out my ears, it’s hearing about the things people assume about me. I know those emotions range from good to bad, but it obviously depends on what they say. This usually happens when I meet someone for the first time. After a few friendly exchanges or hang-out sessions with mutual friends, they drop the bomb on me. They tell me what they first thought of me or assumed about me. Sometimes it’s based on how I look, how I talk or maybe my personality. Either way, they are always interesting and funny to me and I thought I would share.

purple monochrome

I’m a ballerina

I assume people think this because I’m petite and have skinny legs that somehow appear “long” to people (seriously guys, I’m only 5’2″, I swear!), but multiple people in my life have asked me if I was a ballerina. And no, I didn’t have my hair in a bun when they asked this. It’s funny to me simply because I am far from a ballerina. I can’t touch my toes, I’m not all that graceful and I sure as hell couldn’t perform on stage in front of people without laughing. I think it would be awesome to do ballet, but it’s not something I would ever be good at. So I’ll just let people keep thinking that I am the Black Swan.


longest bean

I’m a vegetarian

I have never been a vegetarian before. I enjoy eating meat and I’m pretty picky/allergic to certain foods, so having meat in my diet helps me keep my protein level up and helps me maintain my weight. I applaud people who are vegetarians- I have many friends who are, and my brother even dabbled in it for a few years, but it’s not just for me. But for some reason, people always assume I am a vegetarian. I’m not sure if this is because I’m skinny (not all vegetarians are skinny!), or because I don’t eat certain foods (I don’t like cheese and rarely eat it), but I get this a lot. Pass the chicken tenders, please.




I’m “exotic”

I’m Irish. And part Hungarian apparently. I’m a light-skinned female with dark brown eyes and light, curly brown hair. There’s not much that’s “exotic” about my appearance at all, but for some reason people always ask me what my ethnicity is and tell me I look exotic. HA! When I think of exotic, I think of a woman who has tan skin, blue eyes and dark hair. Which is the opposite of me. I take this assumption as a compliment though, since exotic usually is a positive term. And it’s a lot better than being told I have “an interesting look”, which I got from a complete stranger who afterwords gave out palm readings. Um, what?

What are some weird or funny things people have assumed about you? Or what funny or weird things have you assumed about me? I’ll tell you if they are true or not šŸ™‚


  1. Oh boy people are so weird, here this. Since I’m reserved and quiet when I first meet people they often think that I’m pretentious, but most of the time I’m really just a little shy so when they get to know me I always get the omg you are so much nicer than I expected. I’ve gotten that specially when I was in HS, my last name is Porsenna so I’ve been ask if I was Italian a few time, like really do I look Italian to you??? Oh the best, am I part Asian because my eyes are slightly slanted, smh….lol. But you do remind of Natalie Portman maybe that’s where the ballerina thing comes from lol

    1. I can be quiet at first, too, and I think many people take that the wrong way as well! hahhaa you’re killing me with the Asian and Italian part!

  2. I love hearing first impressions! I can’t think of any that I have heard recently, but they are usually pretty funny. I can see the ballerina thing because you are thin and petite. Lucky girl!


  3. Oh gosh! First impressions. Some people are so quick to judge! Haha! However, those are all not bad things so you’re lucky!

  4. I’m not super-outgoing when I first meet people, so I often get that people think I’m a biatch or stuck-up, which is far from the truth. The good news is that when people do know me a bit better the laugh at the fact that they ever thought that of me. So I guess I redeem myself pretty well?

    1. same here! I think it’s so weird that being quiet means bad things, because I would assume people who are so loud would get more negative reviews

  5. Haha I love these! People like to think that I’m Hawaiian. I mean, I guess I can understand.. but when I tell them I’m chinese, they seem surprised. Is it really that surprising!? šŸ™‚

  6. Your photos crack me up! A lot of people assume I’m a vegetarian too – I don’t eat chicken (much) or pork but I do love me some red meat and fish! It’s probably something to do with how picky I am, too, and the fact that I’m obsessed with animals! I do try to eat only certified humane meat, so it kinda makes sense!

    1. lol they’re pretty embarrassing but oh well! And I totally agree with the picky thing. Because I don’t eat cheese a lot (and I’m allergic to peanuts sadly) people just assume I don’t eat anything other than vegetables!

  7. You can still have long legs at 5’2″, it just means you’re all legs and have a shorter torso! For me, people have asked if my hair is a perm, which although not insulting drives me bat shit crazy. Everyone also asks if I’m Dominican or “some type of Spanish”.

  8. It is interesting what people assume. I am not a good speller and as an English teacher most people assume I would be. šŸ™‚

  9. Awwww you’re so cute in the 1st picture….& thanks for sharing these misconceptions about you…it’ll always be refreshing!!!

  10. These photos are so cute! People usually think I’m MUCH younger than I am (like HS young) when they first meet me which drives me kinda nuts.

  11. Ha this is really funny, love that first pic. Before I had a blog, people often asked if I was a blogger, which seems weirdly specific. I’m often asked if I’m Irish, but you know, with the hair that’s to be expected.

    1. That is so odd (about the blog thing), I guess you were just destined to be a blogger! My bf has reddish-brown hair and is Italian, but people think he’s Irish too šŸ™‚

  12. LOL! Love this post Rachel, really interesting and entertaining šŸ™‚ I can see the ballerina thing for sure! And isn’t it funny that people assume if you are super skinny you are vegetarian?! I commend people too, but I like chicken too much! Also I hate you (seriously) for not liking cheese. I LOVE IT and I could live off it and it isn’t helping me maintain a healthy lifestyle lol šŸ™‚

  13. haha, this is really funny! pretty much all of my friends have said the same thing to me after we’ve gotten close – they all thought before they knew me that i seemed “snobby” because i’m on the quieter side or that i seemed “too cool” for them because i dress stylishly…what does that even mean?! i’m the biggest nerd in the world, and once they get to know me they realize that and realize how sensitive i am as well. šŸ™‚

    1. haha that’s hilarious! It is true though that if you dress well, people think you’re trying to out-do them or that you think you are awesome. So weird!

  14. I wish people assumed I was a ballerina!! people assume I’m loud, and they are right. or that i’m always happy which is generally true haha!!

  15. This was a fun read, partly because I am both a ballet dancer and vegetarian! Seriously though, it is amusing to find out what crazy assumptions people make before they even know you. Nice head-to-floor-pillow purple outfit, btw! šŸ™‚

  16. These are so funny! At least they’re all positive! Although that last photo-shopped photo freaked me out a little- you look much prettier as-is!

  17. This is really funny! I wish the things people assume about me were as funny as yours! People usually just assume im dumb (the blonde hair) or 15 (im not sure why). I like your list way better!

  18. haha the things people assume! I’m pretty sure people think I’m a snob. If I don’t know you, I’m pretty quiet. And even if I do know you, I’ll usually let you do most of the talking. Sometimes I just don’t have much to say, which I guess people perceive as being a snob. The one thing I get a lot is that people assume I’m a lot younger than I really am. Which can be good at times, but annoying when they bring you the kids menu at Applebees! And I’m more than double the kids menu age limit!

    1. I hate that quietness = being snobby to some people. I’m shy at first a lot of the time, too. People think I’m young, too. I get carded all the time šŸ™

  19. Love the photo of you dancing…and oh MY…that is the longest string bean ever! It’s so funny to hear what people assume about you šŸ™‚

  20. Ha! That top pic made me laugh. People assume that I’m standoffish or stuck up (which I hate). I’m just shy. That is all. After I get to know them though, they tell me what their first impression was and we just laugh because it’s so far from the truth!

  21. Love that first pic of you jamming to Wham!! ha! I think I’m going to break out some Wham tunes today. I love hearing what people think of me. It’s interesting for sure.

  22. First off, the all purple outfit, awesome. I always get asked if I’m atleast 3-4 years younger than I actually am. I know I’ll appreciate it one day!

  23. Those are some crazy assumptions! I do love that first photo of you – sooo funny! Hmm I haven’t heard much about what other people assume about me except that I look like I’m in high school??

  24. The most common misconception I get is that I’m little–like 16. I alwayyyys get carded and I alwayyyys get surprised looks when people find out I’m married. Then they just assume I’m Mormon…which is not a bad thing, but I’m not. I’m 25–it’s a normal married age?? Haha

  25. This is so funny! I am often told that I look exotic as well. It’s always strange when random people in the grocery store ask about your ethnicity!

  26. I work in events at a university and even though I’m their point of contact for everything and work all the events, clients still think I’m a student. I’m 28 and have been out of college for 6 years. I think it’s because I’m petite. I don’t mind too much now, but I know I’ll appreciate it more later in life! Another silly fact is I attract foreign guys (well, I used to before I was married). I’ve been hit on by an Israeli, a Russian, four Germans and an Argentinean…I have no idea why.

  27. This is fun to think about! I think most assumptions people make about me are probably because I’m Asian… yes, I’m good at math and used to get grounded for anything less than an A on tests, I’m a bad driver and love karaoke. But no I don’t speak my parents’ native language – I actually have a southern accent!

  28. People always tell me that based on my blog photos they think I am tall! This always makes me laugh, I also am on the petite side at 5’3″! I think you totally look like you have a ballerina body though šŸ™‚

  29. I love this post – so interesting to hear more about you šŸ™‚ People always assume that I’m not as “nice” as I seem…but I really am pretty darn nice – I just don’t get too upset about too many things šŸ™‚

  30. LOL to being exotic! In college, whenever I would tell people where I am from (Brooklyn), they would respond, “OH, really? I thought you were from Connecticut.” I guess the lack of a Brooklyn accent makes me blend in.

  31. Until I read that you said you were petitie, I swore you were at least 5’7″! Sometimes I still think it, lol.

  32. Funny! I’m fair skinned so no one has ever assumed I’m ‘exotic.’ I have been asked if I’m european though because of my light eyes.

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