How to Get Soft Feet

how to get soft feet


In the winter, every inch of skin somehow gets dry, itchy and gross. Then in the summer, your skin is constantly healing from sunburns, not enough moisture and blisters from those cute sandals. Quite frankly, it sucks. And it happens to most of us, no matter how hard we try to prevent it. Most of you can combat dry elbows and legs with a thick body cream or a dry face with a good moisturizer, but what about your feet? I’m lucky enough to have pretty good feet (if I do say so myself), but every now and then in the winter and summer they turn on me. The constant wearing of footwear with no support or sandals that are painful can lead to feet that are dry, cracked and blistered.

A few years ago I read about a trick using Vaseline, and it’s been my savior. At night, after showering (when skin is still wet and lotions can be absorbed easier) massage a large amount of Vaseline or Aquaphor all over your feet. Cover the bottoms, the sides, your toes- anywhere that is cracked or dry. Don’t rub it in completely- you want a little bit to still be on the feet. Put on a pair of thick socks and go to bed. When you wake up, your feet will feel softer. It takes a few applications to see results, but it’s so worth it!


  1. This is exactly what I do too, but I have those ugly socks with the grippers that I put on in the evenings. For some reason I can’t sleep in socks, so I get to look ridiculous walking around the house. 🙂

  2. Great tips! Since sleeping with socks totally gives me sweaty feet (they always wind up on the floor by the time I wake up in the morning), I like to do this after work while I’m cooking. It’s a great way to get soft feet without waking up with the sweats

  3. I am totally doing this this weekend because my feet have gotten so bad! I like this cheap DIY version versus a pedicure. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve actually done this before! It really does work and also works if you wear gloves and do it to your hands too.

  5. Nice! Last year I used this peel type thing for the feet called Baby Feet! It worked really well, but I wear heels too much because my feet always get bad really quickly 🙁 I will have to try this!

  6. The same thing works on your hands with gloves…my mom gets very dry skin in the winter and she always has to do this on her hands.

  7. Vaseline is AMAZING – it is seriously my miracle cream. I use it on my hands with mittens in the winter. Kind of awkward, but it works!

  8. I’ve heard so many great things about Aquaphor, yet I’ve never tried it! Picking up some when I go to Target later.

  9. It is like you knew that I was about ti give myself a pedicure! I love Aquaphor. I swear that it works on anything.

  10. Aquaphor is the best stuff ever invented….I use it for all kinds of stuff….even when my kids were babies…it is seriously a miracle for dry skin!

  11. i’m going to have to try this! i’ve heard of similar things for the hands, but now you’ve sparked an idea:) doing this tonight for sure, especially now that it’s sandal season.

  12. I swear by vaseline! I have really dry elbows (my obvious selling point for Dean) so I try to remember to lather them up before bed. It really helps!

  13. Sounds quick and easy! I’ll be trying this in the winter. (Our A.C. doesn’t work well enough in the bedroom for me to even consider wearing socks to sleep haha)

  14. Ahh girl! Thank you so much for sharing these tips! The heel of my foot is so dry:/! I will definitely be trying this:)!

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