Salt & Peppers Here

One of the fun parts about my upcoming move is that I get to decorate, which means going shopping! I love shopping of all kinds- for clothes, for groceries (yes, I enjoy that) and even for home decor and kitchen items. While browsing a bunch of websites for new items for our apartment, I found myself falling in love with the cutest salt and pepper shakers. I know what you’re thinking, “Why bother spending money on salt and pepper shakers when you can get the plain ones for a dollar?”. Well, just look below and you’ll see why!


salt and pepper shakers

Peas Pass the Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Kangaroo Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Cat & Yarn Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Bread & Egg Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Dinosaur Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Avocado Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Whales Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Lemon Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Footed Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /   Owl Salt & Pepper Shaker Set  /  Elephants Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


  1. These are so cute!! I’ve been dying for a cute set but I really have trouble spending so much money on a set that’s so tiny. I’ve been keeping my eye out at marshalls and tj maxx!

  2. cute! my bf wanted to buy a tradition set at target but I told him I’d rather buy the $1 set for now because I plan to buy a cute one from online – he just doesn’t get it 🙂

  3. Lol I loooove the dino ones and the avocado one. I’ve never wanted a pepper shaker before but now I suddenly do.

  4. Too freaking cute! My boys would love it if I ordered the dinosaur ones of the elephant set.:)

  5. Omg I’m dying. What is the maximum number of salt & pepper shakers normal for one person to have?

  6. Oh my goodness these are so cute! I love the dinosaurs. and the eggs and toast. and all of them! Shopping for house things/decorating is definitely my favorite part of having an apartment. It’s fun to be able to make the space “you”

  7. These are adorable! I love those little owls. When I moved, I was obsessed with owl things I even bought an owl cookie jar. You may not need them but who cares? Get what makes you happy!

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