Chunky Gold Necklaces

chunky gold necklace

Although I’m more of a silver girl myself, it’s hard to ignore how popular gold jewelry is lately. One notable style of gold jewelry I’ve been seeing is the chunky rope/chain necklaces. The trend definitely isn’t for everyone (my friend Amber wore one on St. Patrick’s Day and was called “Mr. T” by our male friend all day long), it is a fun way to add style to a plain tee. Here are a few of my favorite chunky gold necklaces and some tips for pulling off the look.

chunky gold link necklace

Top:  BaubleBar Gold Rope Link Necklace  /  BaubleBar Gold Spotted Jaguar Pendant  /  Topshop Large Link Chunky Chain  /  BaubleBar Ivory Gloss Necklace

Bottom:  BaubleBar Pink Chain Tab Necklace  /  BaubleBar Gold Pave Links Necklace  /  BaubleBar Tangelo Cloisonne Collar /  ASOS Chunky Mix Chain Choker Necklace

How to Wear Chunky Gold Necklaces

Make It the One Statement Piece

The term “statement piece” itself, to me at least, means the one piece of jewelry that you wear to make a statement. If you’re piling on lots of necklaces, bracelets, and rings alongside one of these chunky gold pieces, it will lose its luster. So when wearing one of these necklaces, keep the rest of your jewelry simple and understated.

Match It to Your Makeup

To really bring out the pop of gold in your necklace, try out a similar shade on your face. Whether it’s a light wash of a shimmery gold eyeshadow or maybe some gold nail polish, you’ll help accent the necklace. Bronze cheeks and a pinky-nude lip complete the look.

Compliment the Gold with Your Outfit Colors

I always bring up the color wheel in posts like this, but it’s for a reason! Certain colors simply look best with other complimentary colors, and the color wheel is an easy way to get ready for the day. Colors that look nice with gold include black (like a little black dress), an emerald green, and reds.


  1. I have always really loved gold jewelry, especially during the summer time so I’ve been totally addicted to chunky gold necklaces. I have on in particular that I am obsessed with!
    Whoever is in that picture is like incredibly stunning, I keep looking at the photo thinking “I must attempt that makeup”…. =P

  2. Loving gold links lately! I have a tried-and-true Derng necklace & 2 bracelets, but I just got a new necklace in the latest Popbasic collection – gotta love a classic accessory!

  3. I LOVE this trend! I have a chunky gold necklace from Forever New that I love. Sometimes when I wear a black shirt, I wear it under the color. Other times I just wear it with an oversized cable knit jersey (and then I get called a hipster) 😉

  4. I used to say I would never wear gold and now I never were silver. It’s strange how the styles change and then our opinion do sometimes too. I think about a year after I said I didn’t like short chunky necklaces and only wore dainty long ones, I started biting short statement necklaces lol. I love these picks!

  5. I almost always wear gold, I think it compliments my skin tone better than silver. I have mixed feelings on the chunky chain necklaces…if not worn correctly they definitely give off the gangsta rapper vibe. Because I could totally be mistaken for a gangsta rapper.

  6. I’m obsessed with that Jaguar Pendant from BaubleBar! I’ve been wanting it forever and ever… Chunky gold necklaces are so much fun. They can be edgy and funky but also incredibly chic.

  7. Beautiful, I’m really liking this for summer! I wish gold was in more often — I much prefer it to silver. Good variety you’ve selected up there. 🙂 Etsy is another place to find great necklaces like this!

  8. I love all of these! I was skeptical about the whole gold thing at first, but it definitely grows on you when you see it styled right!

  9. I bought a gold necklace like this from H&M and I think I’ve only worn it once. It’s definitely a great look and I love it on most people, but I think it might have been an unnecessary purchase for me!


  10. I ALMOST bought that BaubleBar plain gold chain necklace yesterday! I didn’t know they had a storefront in New York but was so excited to stumble upon it! These are really great necklaces!

  11. I love this style, but find they’re hard to pull off. They can be a little overwhelming on a petite frame but would love it with a plain white tee.

  12. I know it’s not the point, but I’m obsessed with her brows! I used to be all about silver jewelry but have gravitated more towards gold the past few years. I think a chunky gold chain can look really great with a simple LBD!

  13. My friend and I were just talking about how gold chains can either be a hit or miss. Her mom gave her a gold chain necklace and it just…wasn’t right on so many levels haha. I’m not a huge fan of the necklace, but adore gold chain bracelets. All summer I’ve been gravitating toward gold, which is weird because I’m a silver girl too.

  14. I absolutely love this trend when it works! I’ve been wearing mine with sleeveless button-down blouses so that I get a nice touch of gold, but not a ton. This is pretty much the easiest way I’ve found to wear it…other than that I’m still struggling a little, at least with the one I have.

  15. I love all of these!! I actually won a rose gold chunky chain necklace from a blogger giveaway and i wear it ALL the time! Such a great piece.

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