Flowers In Her Hair

You don’t to be a native Hawaiian or hippie chick to embrace the trend of flowers in your hair. I promise. Although I rarely wear hair accessories myself, during spring and summer I’ll sport a floral headband, bobby pin or hair tie in honor of the beautiful weather. Whether you’re nervous about trying this trend or are already a pro, I’ve put together some of my favorite looks incorporating flowers.


floral bun

A Floral Bun

Low buns are classically chic, but can sometimes come off as boring. To spruce up a basic bun, add a cluster of large flowers in the form of hair pins/clips. I suggest pinning them in or looking for a hair tie with flowers sewn on. This look isn’t too drastic and is perfect for a wedding or similar dressy occasion.


floral headband 1

Flower Headband

I personally love the headband/turban trend, but not everyone can pull it off. Those with long hair hair look best wearing floral headbands. Something about this says “relaxed summer style” and makes me want to run through a field of flowers. Ok well maybe not run, but walk quickly. And if you’re not brave enough to wear a floral crown (see below), a headband is a more delicate option.


floral crown

Flower Crown

Ever since I become enamored with Lana Del Rey I’ve had a thing for floral crowns. It’s hard to find occasions that are appropriate to wear one to, but who cares! They make me feel instantly pretty and will definitely draw attention, so this one is for the bold.


flower above ear

Flower Over the Ear

This look is great for those who just want a small floral accent. This trend has been around forever (that’s Jane Birkin rocking the look above) and all it takes is a cute flower bobby pin or hairclip. Or get a flower with a bit of a stem and it might just stay out without any pins!

What’s your favorite way to wear flowers in your hair?


  1. I have the same floral crown obsession stemming from Lana Del Rey too! I’ve not tried out this trend myself, but I think wearing flowers in your hair is such a classicly beautiful thing.

  2. I’ll be honest, they scare me. I feel like I would look like I was trying to hard. It may just be the mom in me, but I don’t think I could ever pull it off. You probably could though.:)

    so could Jacy:)

  3. I am seriously obsessed with floral crowns, but feel like they would be so out of place here. My full-on hippie style usually comes out when I’m visiting my parents upstate lol

  4. A flower crown is one of those beauty trends I’ve always admired but have never had the guts to try! Maybe this season I’ll finally do it..

  5. LOVE floral headbands. I don’t know where I would ever wear a floral crown, I feel like they are a bit too much for me, but look great on other people. Floral headbands though are simple and cute!

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