Pinterest Wedding Boards: Crazy or Cool?

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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the time-sucking social media channel Pinterest. And I’m sure most of you are, too. Although I have a list of pet peeves regarding the website (don’t pin 100 images in the span of 5 minutes- it’s annoying), it has really helped me in many areas. Pinterest has brought new readers to my blog, supplied me with some kick-ass recipes to try out and gives me tips and tricks to make my life easier.

What I love about Pinterest is that you organize your “pins” into categories. Most people have categories for recipes, clothes and home decor inspiration- and no one looks twice at those. But for some reason the topic of having a Pinterest board dedicated to your wedding becomes a much-talked about topic. I originally heard a funny conversation about this topic while listening to the Elvis Duran Show on the way to work in my car, and thought I’d give my 2 cents on it.

It seems that a majority of people (mainly men) feel that women having a wedding Pinterest board is certifiably crazy. Guys are turned off at the fact that you’ve only been dating them for a few months and you already have photos of what you want your dress to look like. Guys laugh at girls who are single and are pinning away engagement photo inspirations. Guys who are engaged see the elaborate decor ideas their fiance is pinning and get worried about their bank account. But is this always the case?

I myself have a wedding Pinterest board. I post photos of cute dresses, yummy cakes, decor ideas and color schemes. While I’m not engaged yet, I am in a committed relationship with someone who I plan on marrying. I use my Pinterest board to keep track of things I see that I like and may want to use in the long run. How else am I going to remember in a year or 2 (or 3 or 4) that cute idea I saw on a blog unless I bookmark the page or pin it? I’m by no means planning my future wedding as we speak, but I do like to keep track of things for when that day comes. It’s helpful to have ideas and inspiration, as well as helpful websites, when the times does come.

But for some reason, many people think that this is silly. They roll their eyes at girls with wedding Pinterest boards and make us sound crazy. They think we’re rushing into things and we’re obsessed with a stupid “day” that’s far in the future. But couldn’t you use that same argument for anything we pin? We pin tons of recipes that we might not make right this second. We might pin crockpot recipes even though we don’t current have one (but plan on getting one in the future!) We pin photos of gorgeous bathrooms even though we still live at home and can’t re-decorate our own (but we will move out some day in the future). See what I mean? This concept can apply to anything, so why does the wedding aspect get such a bad rap.

So now that we’ve established women who are dating/engaged having a wedding board, does the same go for single women? I think it’s fine for single women to have a Pinterest board dedicated to their wedding. Honestly, I think it’s a tad silly, but I get it. A girl can still pin pretty images even if she hasn’t had a boyfriend in 3 years. As long as she isn’t becoming obsessive or isn’t one of those girls who thinks she is an actual Disney princess and should be treated like one (I know a few of these in real life- it’s sad), then it’s fine.

So what are your thoughts on Pinterest wedding boards? Do you think single women having them is weird? And what does your guy/guy friends think about this?


  1. Lol if people want to think I’m crazy that’s fine, I mostly pin wedding pictures because I think they are gorgeous when in reality even if I was in a relationship or getting married I would prefer to elope or something so someone really shouldn’t read too much into this. it’s just pictures, nothing serious..

  2. My rule of thumb for Pinterest is it is all ok in moderation. A single girl with a wedding board is fine (haven’t we all been planning/dreaming up this day since we were 13 anyways?) But I think if you are pinning to it everyday, many pins a day…you’re getting a little crazy. Even if your engaged its too much…IMO. Especially if you’re using it to remember good ideas…you can’t possibly incorporate 532 pins into one wedding, lol. But that’s how I feel with the food boards or anything else. I like Pinterest for pretty things but I also use it as a tool, I come back to my boards when I want a fun DIY project or need a good cocktail recipe. So people who pin 30 recipes a day, I don’t understand.
    As for my wedding board, I’m in a very committed relationship and my board is private. I don’t wanna give away all the secrets you might see when you come to my wedding, hehe!
    Fun post πŸ™‚

    1. Exactly! I know some girls who are crazy into the “fairytale” and haven’t even had a boyfriend in years. I think it’s great for inspiration and to remember certain ideas/photos! I’ve been thinking of making mine private too (especially when I get engaged) but I already have used up my 3 private pin boards! boo

  3. I’m also not engaged but in a long-term committed relationship with plans to marry in the next couple of years. I don’t pin like crazy to my wedding board, but I think it’s nice to document ideas you like so you don’t have to find a ton of stuff once the wedding planning begins!

  4. I’m married and I pin to SEVERAL wedding boards! I have categories for decor, drinks, fashion … and I’m not getting married again anytime soon. I think it’s about sharing what your audience likes/will repin and saving things that are considered beautiful.

    I pin things not only for myself but for my audience. They want to see wedding stuff – they will get wedding stuff! :]

  5. I don’t really think it’s a big deal. Maybe you don’t want to share it with that guy you’ve been dating for a few weeks, but otherwise pin away!

  6. I agree 100%. I have a wedding board with tons of ideas and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, I’m not engaged either, but I am in a committed relationship. So no, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.

  7. Yeah I think people tend to forget that the WHOLE concept of Pinterest is kinda of silly, even though it is awesome. Lots of us pin things that aren’t relevant to our lives currently or are future dream homes, closets, etc. Even with our style, we pin things we can’t afford now and might never be able to afford (not to mention I will never look like Miranda Kerr or some of the other gorgeous models I pin) so it’s not weird in the Pinterest sense. It’s where we pin our dream things and what girl doesn’t dream of a beautiful wedding someday?!

    I have one, but I made it my secret board, not because I’m ashamed but because I want all of my wedding ideas to be a surprise someday to my friends!

    1. Exactly! I pin tons of extravagant things I’ll never buy and recipes I’ll never try, but it’s still “fun”! I’m thinking of making mine private too for when the day comes so it’s a surprise !

  8. Pinning shouldn’t be about judgement! As you said, we all pin recipes and DIYs that we may never get to, so why not wedding ideas?

  9. I don’t see a problem with wedding boards. Pinterest is used for inspiration, so why not? I know there are married women out there who have a wedding board. Some might say what’s the point, but if it makes you happy, go for it.

  10. I didn’t think/plan my wedding at all before I was engaged – including not having a pintrest board for it – but I don’t think it’s weird at all!

  11. I have a wedding pinboard for the same reason you do – if I see something I like, I don’t want to forget about it! Obsessively pinning to one is a bit much, but as a way to store ideas it seems fine. Also, I just don’t show it to my boyfriend πŸ˜‰

    1. haha good idea! People say it’s good for guys to go on to see ideas for our gifts for birthdays, but can’t they just use our blogs for that? πŸ˜‰

  12. i’m single and not even in a relationship and i have a wedding pinterest board! there’s so much great inspiration out there that i feel like i should start collecting it now so that someday when i am engaged wedding planning will be easier because i’ll already have an idea of what i want πŸ™‚

  13. Pinterest was just starting out when I was planning my wedding so I didn’t get to use it. I do have a wedding pinboard from my wedding though πŸ™‚

  14. I started a wedding board a little bit before I got engaged, but kept it under the secret boards… sneaky sneaky! I personally felt strange about publicly pinning wedding stuff when single, but I don’t judge others. To each her own!

  15. I got married before Pinterest was a thing, although I clipped pictures out of magazines since I was 15. I do know some girls who’ve never thought about their wedding day (my sister) and the planning process was harder on them since they didn’t know where to begin. I do have a baby Pinterest board and I’ve been asked multiple times if I’m expecting – no, I just like to be prepared!

  16. I think its helpful and girls should be allowed to pin to their hearts content without being deemed crazy by guys. I wish Pinterest would have been around when I was doing wedding planning.:)

  17. I think they are awesome and even though I am nowhere near my own wedding I still love looking and pinning photos of other peoples special days!

  18. Psh PIN AWAY. Single, taken, engaged, it will come in handy someday when you’re finally deciding on your wedding and ALL the help you can get is much appreciated. Trust me on that. Haha

  19. I think it’s fun! I pin stuff I like not stuff I’m planning on doing in the next year! I mean sometimes I get lucky and I get to do things I pinned sooner rather than later, but typically this isn’t the case. (also, I’m totally guilty of the 100 pins in a 5 minute span. Once I get started, I can’t stop!)

  20. So true! Now that I think about it having a wedding Pinterest board is kind of crazy considering I’m not even in a relationship! But I just like pinning pictures and ideas that I think are pretty or interesting.

  21. I can’t with single girls with wedding boards! I CAN’T! Honestly, I’ve been collecting wedding inspiration since I was in high school – in the privacy of my own computer hard drive haha.

    My friend (who has had a boyfriend of about 5 years) has a wedding board entitled “Going to freak Mike out” hahaha.

    Of course, to each his/her own, but… I can’t. πŸ˜‰

  22. Love this post Rachel! It totally made me smile because I know so many single girls with wedding boards on Pinterest. I kinda think it’s silly but that might just be because I’m married and while I was engaged I pinned a few inspirational ideas. I do still have a board dedicated to lace wedding dresses that I still pin to even though my wedding was last year. Lace dresses hold a special place in my heart and I love sharing my favorites with others. I think some girls take it a little too far, a girl I used to go to high school with has a board on Pinterest titled “If I ever get married”…she’s been in a relationship for many years and it sounds like she’s pressuring her boyfriend into proposing, which I definitely don’t agree with.

  23. not weird at all!!! my mom and aunt had a folder of wedding ideas that were from magazines when they were teens – pinterest is just the modern girls version πŸ™‚

  24. I don’t think it’s strange. Not one bit. All girls think about their future wedding…it’s not any different. I was not one of those girls that “planned” my wedding, I was clueless in that department when I got engaged… but I totally still would have had a wedding board before I was engaged if I were on Pinterest during that time–because it’s fun to do! People read too much into silly things like that. Do what you wanna do–do what makes you happy. πŸ™‚ Sidenote–I got Pinterest a few weeks before I got engaged so naturally I planned my whole wedding via Pinterest ideas. Great ideas!! It would be dumb not to take advantage of such a great resource!

  25. I agree. It’s no different than any other board. I have a board dedicated to celebrations. Do I think I’m going to be able to do all of the elaborate things on that board? No, but I just like to keep up with ideas in case I decide to host a party some day or someone else needs ideas for their upcoming party.

    Single, dating, engaged, married for 10 years – I’ve seen a variety of women have wedding boards. I don’t think it’s weird to keep up with ideas. You never know who can’t decide what to do or how to do something and then you can look at your Pinterest board to help. (True life, I’ve done this.)

    The only thing that weirds me out is pinning 100 things at once to your wedding board. Slow down, crazy. Slow down.

    PS – I actually have a wedding board, but I keep it as a secret board because who knows what I’ll use from it and I want to keep details about my (non-existent) wedding a surprise. Okay, that’s probably weird. Oh well.

  26. My boyfriend freaks out over my wedding pinterest board just a little, because we are still so young and we aren’t ready for marriage yet, but he sort of understands it. Little girls dream of their wedding day, and I personally used to have a scrapbook of pretty wedding ideas anyway, at about age 13 so I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Jake and I have been together 2 years now and I do plan on marrying him one day, so for me, even if that day is 5 years down the track, I think it is nice that I will have my pinterest to look at for inspiration. Plus, most of the things I pin on that board are truly beautiful and deserve to be shared around and shown to people, and I love showing all my wedding pins to my sister, who is studying to become a wedding planner. I don’t think there is any harm in them, although I did get asked the other day by a lady who I know if I was engaged, after she followed me on pinterest!

  27. I originally set up my Wedding Pintrest board because my sister was getting married and she lives 15,000km away so it was easy to share my ideas with her this way. I’ve since kept it partially because a lot of my friends are recently engaged, but also because mine is more of an “event planning” board than exclusively wedding. Sure there’s wedding stuffs there, but a lot of could be used for a birthday party or something too.

  28. I have a wedding board, but its private. That way I can still post some stuff in there and not look crazy. But I don’t post as much on Pinterest in general because it is so time consuming…once I start, I can’t stop!

  29. You always have the most original posts! I have a wedding pinterest board (for obvious reasons)…and it’s kinda my FAVORITE board! It’s really helpful for our wedding vendors when they want to get an idea of what I like – a picture says a thousand words, so it’s a time savor.

    By the way, I started my board about 9 months ago (6 months before we got engaged)! Josh knew all about it, and I showed him my updates all the time ;). Just kept in on private, so I could have a “big reveal” when we actually got engaged πŸ™‚

  30. I have to say I am torn between wedding Pinterest boards. I don’t personally have one but I understand why people have them. I DO think it is sometimes weird when I follow some of my friends and they pretty much only pin wedding things and they are not even dating anyone. But it is a great way to keep track of things you like for when the day comes. Like I said, I am torn lol

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