Cat Home Decor

It’s no secret I love cats/kittens. And I think moving away from my pet tabby Buddy and being in full-on apartment decorating mode came together to inspire this post. Don’t worry James (if you’re reading), I won’t be ordering a bunch of these things and plastering them over our apartment. I actually own the ring holder below- it’s a cute little accent on my dressing table and holds all my rings.


cat home decor

(1)  Johnathan Adler Cat Pottery  (2)  Cat Wall Hook  (3)  Cat Mug  (4)  Cat Cookie Jar  (5)  Lekue Classic Cat White Ice Cube Tray  (6)  Animal Clothes Hanger  (7)  Cat Dish Towels  (8)  “Meow!” Cat Floor Mat  (9)  Gemma Correll For Society6 Hang In There Art Print  (10)  Chrome Umbra Zoola Cat Ring Holder  (11)  Tabby Cat Pillow  (12)  Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


  1. I’m not a huge cat person, but I’ve got to say that dish towel is adorable. And I’m pretty sure you need to kitty ice tray. How fun is that?!

  2. Oh my goodness! HOW adorable are all of these things?!?!?! 🙂 I love cats so hopefully I can add some of these things and a cat to my home someday 😉 My bf can get over being allergic right?!

  3. OMG totally right there with you on the cat loving thing. I am a little obsessed but the hubby would not appreciate cat home decor. I might be able to get away with those adorable salt and pepper shakers and love the set of hooks!
    Cute post:)

  4. Haha I am such a cat lady – these are all so cute! I have a serious tendency to want all things cat-patterned…but have to stop myself to avoid looking crazy

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