Friday Laughs: Billy Eichner


If there’s one way for me to bond with another human, it’s over our shared sense of humor. Sure, everyone loves laughing and cites “a sense of humor” as the top trait they wish for in a partner, but everyone’s definitions of what is funny are very different. I’m the first to admit that some really stupid things make me laugh (Goodburger, for example) and that some very well-liked shows simply don’t (like South Park. Which my boyfriend loves.)

I’d say my sense of humor is a bit dry, very sarcastic, incredibly witty, self-deprecating and, of course, regarding pop culture. So if you’re into that kind of thing, I hope this post will brighten up your day a bit and give you a few good laughs.

I first heard/saw about Billy Eichner from my boyfriend James. As we were flipping through channels at my parent’s house (this was months ago), a show Billy on the Street came up on Fuse. It’s basically what it sounds like- this comedian named Billy walks/runs around the streets of NYC playing trivia games with random people- all while making fun of them and making obscure pop culture references. Between his deep love for Meryl Streep, his constant way of “talk-yelling”, and his hilarious tweets, it’s hard not to love him. You might even already know him- he’s a constant fixture on Funny or Die and used to be on the Conan O’Brien show back in the day.

Any Parks & Rec fans out there? Good news- Billy will be making a guest appearance as Donna’s doppelganger.

Another reason to check him out? He did a HILARIOUS parody of Taylor Swift in his music video, “Glitter & Ribs”. Whether you’re a Taylor lover or hater, you can’t deny that his impression is spot-on, right down to the words he whispers at the end. It will get stuck in your head- I warned you!


  1. Ha my husband and I watch this show and literally I laugh so hard. Oh and my husband loves South Park and I just don’t get it. It must be a boy thing.

  2. This video made my day, I’m not a Taylor lover or hater I just found her to be extremely annoying. the “I’m only 16 and you were 49” line killed me lmaooo.

  3. LOL “I don’t wanna buy ice cream just to see it melt” hahahahahaha this is hilarious. I’m not really a fan of Taylor’s music but I am starting to like her style, which I’m sure is actually her stylish or someone else’s doing so it is especially easy to find this hilarious! But it truly is hilarious!

  4. I always love a well-done spoof. I don’t really have an opinion on Taylor Swift, but this was hilarious.

  5. That Video is super funny. Honestly I kinda liked TS when she started but thought she was so annoying after a while. Thanks for that Video, really had to laugh 🙂

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