Poppin Products- Colorful & Cute Office Accessories

With all the back-to-school commercials as of late, it’s hard not to want to run out and buy colorful pencils, patterned notebooks and fun-shaped paperclips, right? Since I recently started a new job in a brand new office, I sort of have an excuse to be browsing for notebooks, pens and Post-it notes. So when the kind people over at Poppin sent over a few rounds of goodies, I was more than thrilled. How did they know I was in need for a few new office accessories?

Poppin is a small e-commerce company that specializes in colorful and unique office supplies. They “believe you should be able to surround yourself with objects of beauty everywhere you go and in everything that you do.” Talk about an awesome mission statement. Whether you’re a student, working the 9-to-5 grind in a cubicle or are a freelancer working from home, they’ll help you spruce up your workspace for cheap.


I was sent over a bunch of goodies shown above, including the Pool Blue Small Soft Cover Notebook, Yellow Signature Ballpoints, Assorted Thin Highlighters and the White Poppin Planner. I’ve already started using them all at work, and the planner will be perfect for organizing my blog with my new busy job and social life. And on a semi-related note, can I just saw how amazing their staff is? The two women I’ve had interactions with have sent the nicest e-mails and personalized notes- it really means a lot as a blogger to receive that kind of rapport.

What are your favorite items over at Poppin?


  1. All of the back to school commercials make me want to go to Target and pick up new desk supplies. Given that they are my weakness, I truly believe that you can never have too many!

  2. I love school supplies as a teacher. Love to grade all my students papers in pink pen! Much nicer than red. I just got a little notebook like that that ive been keeping track of all my clothing purchases. It’s keeping me conscious of what I buy. eek!

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