DIY Rhinestone Letter

DIY rhinestone letter

This DIY craft is a fun way to add personality to your space-whether it’s above your bed, on your home desk or even to style an entryway table. I decided to go down the more feminine route and use rhinestones instead of magazine clippings (that DIY will be up soon). The variety of stones add color to an otherwise bland black bookshelf in our new apartment.


craft store rhinestones

decopauge letter


1. Lay your letter down on a flat surface with newspaper down to protect your table from any decopauge glue drippings.

2. Sort out the colors of your rhinestones in the pattern of the letter. You might not want too many blues near each other, for example, or maybe you want to create a striped or dotted pattern.

3. Apply decopauge glue with a sponge to a small section of the letter and apply the rhinestones flat-side-down on top of the glue. After all rhinestones are on, let it sit and dry for about 15 minutes.

DIY wooden initial

rhinestone craft


  1. Rachel, I love this diy Project. I am actually looking for a nice present for my best friend, I think I found it. Thank you so much. I hope you are well?

  2. Awe this is so cute! I can also see this being customized to fit like a little kids room, baby blue for a boy, baby pink for a girl, etc… very cute! x

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