Art Prints for the Living Room

It’s embarrassing the amount of time I’ve spent looking at art prints online. It’s obvious that much of this was done while I was planning how to decorate my apartment, but I also just really enjoy looking at art. Art prints- whether they’re a replica of a famous painting, a typography print from Etsy, or something you drew or made yourself- are a simple and popular way to change the look of those blank white walls. While most of mine are hanging in our living room, you can also use them to decorate your bathroom, bedroom and even your kitchen!

Part 1 of the “Art Prints for Your Home” series will focus on decorating your living room. Here are a few of my favorites below. Check back during the following weeks for prints for your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and office.


living room art

Top:  Love Builds Print  /  The City Print  /  Interleaf Print

Middle:  Vintage Books Print  /  Home Is Wherever Print  /  Peony Bottle Print

Bottom: Elegampersand Print  /  Let’s Run Away Print  /  Lucky Clover Print*

* I own this


  1. These are such cute options! I had an old Warhol planner that I had saved FOREVER knowing that I would use the art one day. The day finally came and I picked out my favorites for our living room wall recently.

  2. Those are so great. I really love prints, I just never really buy them because I never really go out to buy the frames!

  3. Thanks for the gorgeous reminder that I desperately need to add some color and decorations to my wall soon! I would love to add that Peony image too – I’ll have to remember to buy it soon! xx

  4. Love the one have. Art it so much harder to find then you’d think! We final have most of our art up and I’m happy with it.

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