The Hunt for Comfy Black Flats

I’m on the hunt (and have been for years) for the perfect pair of black flats. Since summer is over, I can’t get away with wearing sandals or wedges to the office anymore, but it’s not yet cold enough to wear boots. The only solution is a pair of flats that go with everything- preferably black. The thing is, my feet HATE flats. I get blisters no matter how many times I’ve worn them or “broken them in”.

So I’m looking for your help. What brand or store carries practical flats that I can wear daily to work (my commute involves a lot of walking). I’m not looking for anything too fancy, and I mainly just want comfort. Keep it under or around $100 if you can, alright? 🙂

Here’s a few picks that I have my eye on. Although some are out of my price range, I’m willing to splurge if they will last me for years and provide me with daily comfort. Feel free to send me a direct link to the pair you love in the comments- thanks! Oh, and I’ve tried every pair of flat from Target. They all stink sadly.

black ballet flatsSam Edelman “Felicia Flat  /  Tory Burch “Reva” Ballerina Flat  /  Sam Edelman “Noah” Flat  /  Blowfish Nice Black Flats  /  Cole Haan Air Bacara Ballet Flats


  1. Ok I’m so picky with flats seriously go with Cole Haan, they can be a bit more expensive but they are worth every penny, all my flats are by them and I’ve had them for years and I wear them a lot. The only advice is to not get the ones with scrunch back. And I get mine on sale at and nordstrom. Most colehaan shoes use the nike air technology that is found in nike sneakers, hello comfort!

    I have these in leopard and they have a huge sale on

  2. Same boat. I have been trying to find good black flats for over a year now. My shoe choices become very limited once fall/winter get here. I’ll be scouring Zappos today.

  3. Yep, I’m in the same boat. Just a few months ago I got a pair of Steve Maddens and were surprised by how poorly they’ve held up (the lining started ripping up after a few days!) But, I’ve heard great things about the Cole Haan flats. Also, check out the Born brand on Zappos. My mom swears by their regular shoes and has worn them for years. Admittedly, I haven’t tried their flats, but she’s so picky about her normal shoes they’re probably a good bet. Try this pair:

  4. I swear by Me Too brand flats for all day wear… I call them Airport Flats as they’re my choice when hiking through airports – and you know how long those treks can be. Cute and reasonable price, lots of padding, flexible with support.

  5. I am actually looking for a pair of black flats as well! I own a pair of Tory Burch flats that I love, but sometimes my feet still get sore after wearing them a whole day… but I think it is because I have wide feet. So I’m not sure if they would work for you or not! I haven’t tried Sam Edelman flats before, I just own their booties which are super comfy. Surprisingly my most comfy flats right now were the ones I scored for $5 from ShoeDazzle, but they are also falling apart haha… so I guess that’s not good either!

    Okay so I finally have a good recommendation for you…. My leopard flats (that are completely ruined now but lasted me a good two years and lots of wear) I bought at DSW but they are Bandolino and they have been the most comfortable pair of flats I’ve ever owned… by far.

  6. Good luck with this! I have actually been on the same hunt for years and years. I love the Tory Burch ones and I find them comfortable but I know a lot of people who do not.

  7. Oh no, that stinks about the blisters! I think having the proper fit definitely helps and if all else fails, you can buy this little insert that goes inside the shoe by the heel to help prevent slipping (and avoid blisters).

  8. I feel you on the flat-causing blisters. I hate them for the same reason! My favorite flats are actually loafers, from the brand “me too”. They have arch support and are more sturdy than most flats, which I feel are generally flimsy.

  9. I scored a pair of Vince Camuto flats at Nordstrom Rack for just under $25 about a month ago and have been pleasantly surprised at how comfy they are!

    On the down side, I tried the Sam Edelman “Felicia” flat (I think they were $90– way more than I usually spend on shoes) a lot of people swear by but I got blisters and ended up returning them because they also started to fall apart about a month or two into owning them. Thank goodness for Nordstrom’s return policy!

    1. Oh, and the Vince Camuto flats I got are so soft that they did not need to be broken in AT ALL. I don’t know if this is typical of VC’s flats (it’s my first pair of shoes from the brand), but I loved it!

  10. I have a pair of Cole Haan loafers and they are amazing!! Maybe their flats are just as good? I received a gift cert for tieks so I’ll let you know how comfy those are once I get them in! x

  11. I found a pair of pointed black flats from DSW. They’re steve madden and they have been holding up pretty well!

  12. I don’t know if you’ve tried any from Payless, but the Dexflex ones are amazing! I have the black and the nude ones and I wear them all the time! Plus they’re only $27 right now!

  13. The “Me Too” brand at Nordstrom is extremely comfortable & very long lasting! Plus they have cute styles so they’re not old lady looking 😉

  14. I have Tory Burch flats and I LOVE them. They’re seriously so comfortable. I also have a Kenneth Cole pair that is just plain back leather, nothing fancy, and the most comfortable pair ever. I hope you find some that you love!

  15. If you don’t mind spending a bit more for an amazing quality flat, try the ones from Bloch. If you don’t mind digging, ‘m almost certain that there is a Nordstrom rack near you, and they’ve been carrying these amazingly comfy flats by Franco Sarto. nice and cushioned. I tried them on and went back only to find someone had mixed up the sizes. 🙁

  16. Sam Edelman and Banana Republic make comfy ballet flats for a semi-reasonable price. Stuart Weitzman Giveable flats are extremely comfortable but definitely pricey… I lucked out and found a black suede pair a year or two ago for 50% off and love them. Good luck on your search!

  17. I really like Burch flats but they are a lil bit pricey. I bought pretty comfortable at zara, you get leather flats there for 50€

  18. I have the Tory Burch Reva flats. I wore them while I worked at Nordstrom and was on my feet all day every day. Though I rare them far less now because the insole has come out from walking in the rain in them, I really love them. But I bet the Sam Edelman ones would be a good bet seeing as all of his shoes I own never give me any problems.

    Good luck hunting!

  19. Tory Burch, baby! I love mine! I like the quilted version that doesn’t have the stretchy back because I think they’re even more comfortable. They are a classic buy!

  20. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black flats for a couple years now too! I really want a pair that are comfy and last a long time. I’ve tried on a bunch of different pairs and think I’m finally going to go with the TB ones you have pictured above. They fit like a glove and the leather was really soft. I also like the logo detail on the toe!

  21. I think the TB ones are super cute but I feel like the back would totally give you blisters. I have a pair of Steve Maddens that I like but are close to needing replaced. I also have a pair of Sam Edelman flats that I really like. My Michael Kors Fulton flats are great too, and if you buy them at Nordstrom and they give you blisters, just return them.

    I think you are going to have to pay a little more than Target prices if you want good quality that doesn’t hurt your feet. Good luck!

  22. I loved my TB ones but I had to break them in. They took a while to brake in, actually. And they’re expensive. Vince Camuto has awesome, super comfy, simple flats for under $100. Sam Edleman has super comfy flats for under $100 (and often on sale)

  23. i actually just found a pair of michael kors black flats in Marshalls.

    they are extremely comfortable and have a great rubber bottom without being ugly!

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