Fall Style: Oxfords

oxfords for fall

(1)  Naturalizer Lonnie Oxford  (2)  Sole Society ‘Frieda’ Suede Oxford  (3)  Oxford Flat  (4)  Aldo Foretova Oxford Flat  (5)  Sebago ‘Claremont’ Oxford  (6)  Halogen ‘Lindy’ Oxford  (7)  Cole Haan ‘Tompkins’ Oxford

Although it might not feel like fall yet (it’s supposed to be in the high 70’s today here in New Jersey), I’ve started to slowly phase out my sandals and sundresses for pants and flats. While I have the standard flats, ankle boots and riding boots for the season, what I don’t own is a pair of oxfords.

Here’s a confession: I used to think they were too manly to wear. But the more I look at them, the more I’m drawn to them. They seem like a comfortable and structured alternative to wearing flats (which keep my feet cold and give me terrible blisters) and work well with dark or colored jeans. And not only do they come in neutrals that would work with any outfit, but they have fun colored ones as well!

While I can’t afford to splurge on these pretty Cole Haans, I found so many more affordable options at Target and DSW. Do you own any oxfords? Which brand is your favorite? 


  1. I got one last year from Cole Haan, they had an amazing sale and when you sign up for their email they do send coupons sometimes. Mine is mostly black with suede and metallic details. I’ll check the Target ones for sure.

  2. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair, and so far my favorite appear kind of like a mix between #4 and #5. They have a flatter sole but a ribbon-like lace. Of course I like the bit of feminine touch!

  3. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of oxfords, but they’re growing on me. I do agree they sometimes look a bit masculine, but I think if worn right, they can be cute!

  4. I seriously love all of these but I think the natural suede color (#2) is my fave. Definitely a fun item to have in your closet!

  5. I’m a HUGE oxford freak hahaha!! I have been for years, long before they became so trendy….I’m girly, but love a menswear look too. I wear my oxfords with dresses all the time.

  6. I love oxfords, and for the same reason, I was originally drawn to them because I could wear socks and keep my feet warm! I found a great pair 2 years ago at H&M, which I still wear today.

  7. The oxford is such a great fall flat alternative. I have two friends that pull off oxfords AMAZINGLY. I don’t think I like them for me because they remind me of the shoes I had to wear with my school uniform in HS.

  8. I have a pair of brown leather ones from Madewell that I am planning on wearing a ton this fall. Great round-up of shoes!

  9. I’m not a fan of oxfords shoes but I’m planning on buying a pair for this Fall! I’m loving #3 and #6 🙂

  10. i love oxfords!! they do seem manly at first, but my style is super-girly, and when i mix them with my wardrobe, it totally works. plus, they come in so many cute colors now!

  11. I have two pair of Oxfords similar to 2 in beige and 7 in Grey. have had them for a couple of years now and love wearing them to work, as they are not only chic but soooooooooo comfy and they are so modern now again.
    you should get a pair of them Rachel 🙂

  12. Okay, so I’m totally with you. I thought they were awful and too manly to wear, but they are growing on me. Every time I see a girl on the street rocking a pair, I keep thinking, hmmm, maybe I should invest in a pair. Looking at all the fab pairs above is definitely making me lean towards scooping a pair up.

  13. I just bought my first pair of oxfords for fall over the weekend! They are suede with pink soles. Cannot wait to pair them up on the blog and in real life! These are some awesome picks.

  14. I’ve always thought they were manly as well… I like the way they look on other people though, for some reason I just think they would look silly on me!

  15. IDK why, but I can’t jump on this trend. You picked some of the cuter options though, so I hope you find the perfect pair in your price range!

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