Art Prints for the Home Office

To me, having a nice work space is crucial. It’s where I spend my day at work (at my 9-to-5 job) and where I spend endless hours of my free time blogging. Luckily, we had a little extra space in our living room for a home office. We bought a desk and some storage and set up our own little work station.

Tired of the monotony of your job? Looking up at a cute or funny print might help boost your mood. Feeling uninspired during a blogging lull? Some creative moodboards and motivational quotes might help get you out of your slump. You can choose one large print or make a mini gallery wall- but make sure a few of these prints are in the lineup. Here a few of my favorites:

office art printsTop:  Squirrel watercolor print  /  Ampersand art print  /  Keep calm and write on print

Bottom:  Vintage camera print  /  Internet art print  /  Work hard play hard poster


  1. Love fabulous prints! I’m currently looking for some great ones for our new place, specifically my home office, too!

  2. I think nice art for the work place is really important as well. I have a huge painting (done by a former student) in front of my desk. It’s gorgeous, and it always inspires me!

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