Art Prints for the Bathroom

Most bathrooms are lacking space, especially wall space, so making the most of your room is key. Sure, your sink may have rust stains and your tile may be a hideous orange, but you can add some pretty accents in the form of art prints. Whether you want to stick to the ever-popular beach theme for your bathroom, or add some wit and charm with bathroom humor, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. Here are some of my favorites.

 art for the bathroom

Top:  Starfish Print  /  Blow Dryer Print  /  Mason Jar Print

Bottom: Lil’ Soap Print  /  Vanity Chair Print  /  Bathroom Art Print


  1. the soap print just made me laugh at loud on my desk. that would totally make me smile at home 🙂 right now in my bathroom i have a hand painted picture of a house and the ocean that i got in spain and also a lotus print from ikea!

  2. The starfish one would be perfect for my bathroom! I have a framed art print of colorful surfboards hanging on the bathroom wall. 🙂

  3. I’m trying to decide on prints for our bathroom right now so this post definitely made me smile! I’ve been eyeing up Jen Ramos’ Love candy metallic print in gold…thinking about putting two of the same prints side by side. Your picks are simply adorable Rachel, I love the mint chair and the bar of soap is too cute for words!

  4. These are adorable! And I love the idea of using a couple of small prints because they can work even in a small bathroom. The vanity chair print and mason chair print are extra cute 🙂

  5. My house has tiny bathrooms, but there is just enough wall space to fit a little print in. The upstairs bath is done in all bright white + cobalt blue, so a picture of Santorini seemed fitting. 🙂 Great post, Rachel!

  6. I need some prints in my bathroom. I love the chair one! PS: what makes a beach theme the go-to for bathroom decor? Why is it always the bathroom and not, let’s say a bedroom? Interesting to think about…

  7. Loveee this series — and I’m going to be outfitting a new studio in art in 2 weeks, definitely bookmarking a few of these pics!

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